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Working Principle of Diesel Generator

Jun. 07, 2017

In the cylinder of diesel engine, the clean air filtered by air filter, which is fully mixed with atomized diesel injected by high-pressure through nozzle. When piston is working upward, extrusion is produced, the volume is reduced, the temperature rises rapidly, and finally achieves diesel ignition. Diesel fuel is ignited, the gas mixture is burning , the volume rapidly expands, which pushes the piston down. Each cylinder does work as order, The thrust acts on the piston through connecting rod turns into the power of pushing crankshaft rotating, so as to drive the rotation of crankshaft.

Diesel generators use "electromagnetic induction" principle, the generator will output induced electromotive force, and finally going through closing load circuit, electricity can be generated. We generally describe the most basic principle of generator sets. If you want your generator to have usable, stable power output, a series of diesel engine, generator control, protection devices and circuits is still required.

Diesel Generator

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