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What Is The Basic Structure of Diesel Generator?

Aug. 09, 2023

Diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, refers to the power generation machinery that used diesel as fuels, diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the power generation. Can be used for a variety of families, offices, small and medium-sized enterprises daily power generation and emergency power generation.

The basic structure of the diesel engine consists of cylinder, piston, cylinder head, intake valve, exhaust valve, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing and flywheel and other components. Some also equipped with muffler and cover. Diesel and generator shafts are directly connected. Usually the spindle is also equipped with a flywheel to increase the smoothness of the operation. Diesel generator sets are usually supplied by the manufacturer for the complete set. some are based on the power load and its characteristics to determine the capacity of the generator, then select the generator to drive the diesel engine. The fuel system and the start-up air system can be individual configuration or multiple units centralized configuration.

Cummins diesel generator

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