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Dingbo 648kw Yuchai Diesel Genset used for Top 500 Enterprises in China

Aug. 07, 2023

On 24th, May 2019, Dingbo company received the bid-winning news of four Yuchai diesel generator sets with power range of 400kw-880kW for the No. 7 and No. 8 block project of "Jiancheng" of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group(one of the top 500 enterprises in China).

On 27th, May 2019, Dingbo company signed another contract with Guangxi Dadu Hengcheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. under the banner of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, and successfully signed a 648kW Yuchai diesel generator set for emergency standby power supply of No. 3 block project of “Jiancheng”. In addition, Dingbo company is also responsible for the environmental protection and noise reduction project of generator room.

Yuchai generator cummins Diesel Generator 100-2500 kVA   

According to know, since November 2013, Dingbo company has maintained friendly and cooperative relations with Guangxi Construction Engineering Group. This is the ninth cooperation with Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, before this, Guangxi Construction Engineering Group have purchased 11 diesel generator sets from Dingbo company. Over the years, Dingbo company has won the general consent of customers by virtue of strong R&D technology, advanced testing equipment, fine production process, perfect quality management system and professional manufacturing technology.


Guangxi Construction Engineering Group is a large state-owned enterprise in Guangxi China. It is a "100 billion yuan enterprise engineering" enterprise built by Guangxi Autonomous Region in China. Its business covers building construction and installation, real estate, construction machinery manufacturing and leasing, concrete, building materials sales, infrastructure investment, international business, mining industry, hotels and other sectors, forming a multi-industry development pattern. Its subsidiary company, Guangxi Dadu Hengcheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. will become a "city in the city" with more than 80,000 people after the completion of the "Jiancheng" project, and the future appreciation space is unlimited.Dingbo company is very honored to be a strategic cooperative supplier of diesel generator set  purchasing and installation in this "Jiancheng" project.

Yuchai Group is one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China, from China II to China VI, Yuchai is China’s first enterprise issuing the first set of engine and placing the batch of products on the market. Since 2015, Dingbo company has been cooperated with Yuchai group, and has been the core OEM partner of Yuchai power in China. Dingbo Yuchai series diesel generator set always gains high opinion at home and abroad since recent years.


At present, thousands of Dingbo generator sets are being reliably operated in many fields, such as telecommunication, banking, securities industry, airports, hospitals, transportation, oil fields, military industry etc. We can provide 20kw to 2400kw Yuchai diesel generator set, if you are interested, please contact us by email: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. 

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