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5 Functions of Diesel Generator Coolant Liquid

Jul. 08, 2022

Coolant is an important part of the accessories required for diesel generator maintenance. During the operation of the diesel generator, the influence of its own diesel combustion will cause the temperature of the diesel engine to rise sharply. Under the high temperature environment, it will not only affect the improvement of the working efficiency of the diesel generator, but also cause the occurrence of parts failure. Based on this, we need to cool the heated part, which involves the addition of coolant to the diesel engine cooling system. What effect does the coolant have on the operation of the diesel generator?

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1. Antifreeze effect

If the temperature is too low, the cooling system of the diesel engine will not be damaged by freezing. Generally speaking, the antifreeze temperature of the commonly used coolant is between minus 20 degrees and 45 degrees, and it should be reasonably selected according to the actual needs of different regions.

2. Anti-boiling effect

Under high temperature conditions, it is guaranteed that there will be no premature boiling. Generally, the boiling point of the commonly used coolant is between 104 and 108 degrees. When the coolant is added to the cooling system and pressure is generated, its boiling point will be higher.

3. Anti-corrosion effect

Special coolant can reduce the corrosion of the cooling system, thus avoiding the problem of water leakage caused by the corrosion of the cooling system.

4. Anti-rust effect

High-quality coolant can avoid the occurrence of rust in the cooling system. Once the cooling system is rusted, it will cause accelerated wear and reduce heat transfer efficiency.

5. Anti-scaling effect

Since deionized water is used in the coolant, scaling and precipitation can be avoided and the purpose of protecting the engine is achieved.

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