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Three Basic Classifications of Diesel Generating Sets

Jun. 23, 2022

Internal Information of China Diesel Generator Set Network - There are many types of diesel generator sets, which can be classified differently according to the structure type, control method and protection function of the unit. In this article, Starlight power generation equipment is briefly introduced according to the above categories Several types of diesel generator sets.

backup power generator

1. Basic diesel generator set

This type of diesel generator set is the most common, consisting of a diesel engine, a closed water tank, a unit fuel tank, a muffler, a synchronous alternator, an excitation voltage adjustment light, a control box, a coupling and a chassis. The diesel generator set has the function of displaying voltage and automatic speed adjustment. Generally can be used as the main power supply or backup power supply.

2. Self-starting diesel generator set

This type of diesel generator set adds a fully automatic control system on the basis of the basic type. It has an automatic switching function. When the mains power is suddenly cut off, the unit can automatically start, automatically switch the power switch, automatic power supply and automatic shutdown and other functions; when the unit oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature is too high or the cooling water temperature is too high When the diesel generator set is overspeed, it can automatically stop the operation for protection.

3. Computer-controlled automatic diesel generator set

This type of diesel generator set consists of a diesel engine with perfect performance, a three-phase brushless synchronous generator, an automatic fuel supply device, an automatic oil supply device, and an ATS automatic control panel for the cooling water automatic replenishment device. The ATS automatic control panel adopts programmable automatic control panel. PLC control, in addition to the functions of automatic start, automatic switch, automatic operation, automatic input and automatic shutdown, it is also equipped with various fault alarms and automatic protection devices.

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