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Working Principle of Lubricating System of Diesel Engine Set

Nov. 04, 2022

Today, we are going to introduce the working principle of the lubricating system of the diesel generator set. We also know that the lubricating system of the diesel generator set refers to the pressure oil lubrication provided by the oil pump for the main components of the diesel generator set. Its oil circuit is composed of a circulating system, and the rest is lubricated by splashed oil.

standby generator set

The oil from the oil pan is delivered to the oil pump through the crude oil filter and investment pipe, then cooled to the oil cooler, and then enters the oil filter. The oil filter is divided into two routes, one is the oil return sump, one is the oil flow through the turbocharger oil filter, and the other is the stern. ER filter.

The two oil pipes enter the left side and the right side respectively. The supercharger bearing and high-pressure oil pump are arranged in rows, and then the oil return pipe flows back to the oil pan. The other one passes through the main oil passage of the diesel generator set body and enters the oil passage O of the main bearing, which is divided into three oil passages, namely the connecting rod. Head bearing oil is sprayed from the center to the cylinder wall to lubricate the piston rings and cylinder liners. The oil from the piston cooling chamber splashes into the oil hole on the small end of the connecting rod to lubricate the piston pin and the small end shaft bushing of the connecting rod, and the oil splashed into the crankcase to lubricate the working surface of the cam.

The lubricating system of the M type high-pressure oil pump diesel generator set can be divided into two types: one is to use the oil hose to guide the first type of oil to the inlet joint of the m type pump for lubrication from the top of the turbine oil filter, and the other is to use the lubricating oil in the lubricating system of the high-pressure diesel generator set, so that when diesel oil is used, the injection pump passes through.

The other oil hose is connected to the body and then flows back to the oil pan. When the machine is working, it can automatically obtain the pressure lubrication of the M type high-pressure oil pump, ensuring the reliability of the high-pressure oil pump. The other is to directly pre add lubricating oil to the high-pressure oil pump. This method requires checking the oil gauge on the high-pressure oil pump before starting to ensure that there is enough lubricant in the pump (all vertical six cylinder diesel generator sets are lubricated with splashes).

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