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Working Principle Of Diesel Generator Set That Must Be Started Without Load

Apr. 01, 2023

Diesel generator is a kind of power supply equipment with small floor area, convenient operation, environmental protection, and long service life. It is a necessary facility for many industrial enterprises. If you want to prolong the service life of diesel generators, you usually need to learn more about the maintenance knowledge of no-load starting of equipment. Below, Jiangsu Starlgiht Power editor will share with you the working principle and function of the no-load starting of generator set. When starting a diesel generator, it is necessary to start it with no load. When starting, it is not necessary to rush to run. It is necessary to let the equipment idle for two or three minutes before loading. The purpose of this is to prevent some failures.


1. After the installation of the diesel generator set, the sealing inspection shall be carried out before starting, and the "preparation before starting" work shall be done before starting each time. Remember that the diesel engine must be started without load.


2. The diesel generator set must be operated by personnel who are familiar with the unit structure and master safety operating procedures. For new or overhauled diesel engines, they must undergo 60 hours of running-in operation before starting use.


3. For a new supercharged diesel engine or a newly replaced supercharger, it is necessary to remove the oil inlet pipe connector on the supercharger and add 50 to 60 mL of engine oil to prevent the supercharger bearing from burning due to lack of oil during startup. It is not allowed to start the diesel engine without an air filter to prevent dust and impurities from entering the diesel engine, so as to avoid early wear and tear of the diesel engine.


diesel generator

4. After starting the diesel generator set, it is necessary to run it no-load for 3-5 minutes before gradually accelerating and loading. Normal operation is allowed only when the outlet temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 75 ℃, the oil temperature is higher than 50 ℃, and the oil pressure is higher than 0.25 MPa.


5. Before putting a new or long-term unused generator set into normal operation, strict inspection must be conducted, mainly to check the winding insulation and wiring conditions. If there is any discrepancy, necessary treatment must be taken.


6. During the operation of the diesel generator set, the operating dynamics of the diesel engine and the indicated values of all instruments should be observed at all times. In case of emergency, emergency shutdown measures should be taken to prevent the diesel engine from seizing due to water shortage, overheating, or oil pressure loss. It is not allowed to use seawater to directly cool the diesel engine. If the thermostat that controls the water temperature fails, it should be replaced in a timely manner, and it is not allowed to remove it without authorization.


7. When adjusting the tension of the V-belt and other driving devices, the diesel engine should be in a stopped state. Frequently check whether the fastening bolts and nuts are loose.


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