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Working Principle of Diesel Engine Fuel System of Diesel Generator

Feb. 06, 2023

The diesel engine fuel system of diesel generator shall also complete the tasks of diesel supply and air supply as well as the formation, combustion and exhaust of combustible mixture. The fuel used by the diesel generator is diesel. Because diesel is more viscous than gasoline and has poor evaporativity, when the diesel generator is working, the high-pressure injection method must be adopted. When the piston of the compression stroke is close to the top dead center, the diesel fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber in the form of mist, which directly forms a combustible mixture in the cylinder, and ignites and combusts itself with the help of the high temperature of the air in the cylinder.

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The function of the diesel generator fuel system is to supply clean air to the cylinder, inject fuel into the combustion chamber regularly and quantitatively according to the requirements of various conditions of the diesel engine, and discharge the combustion exhaust gas to the atmosphere. The diesel engine fuel system consists of the fuel supply system, the mixture formation system, the air supply device, and the exhaust gas exhaust device. The fuel supply and speed control system consists of the fuel delivery pump, the fuel extraction filter, the fuel injection pump, the governor Fuel injector, fuel pipeline and other components.

When the diesel generator works, the fuel transfer pump draws fuel from the fuel tank and sends it to the fuel filter. It enters the fuel injection pump after passing through the filter. The fuel pressure is increased in the fuel injection pump according to the fuel supply required under different working conditions. It is delivered to the fuel injector through the high-pressure oil pipe, and finally sprayed into the combustion chamber through the fuel injection hole. The excess fuel supplied by the fuel transfer pump returns to the fuel tank through the return line of the fuel filter, and a small amount of fuel from the return line at the top of the fuel injector also flows back to the fuel tank.

The fuel supply and speed control system of the 12-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine is equipped with two fuel transfer pumps and two fuel filters for parallel use due to the increase in total fuel supply. A hand pump is installed on the right side above the front end of the diesel engine to pump oil and remove air from the fuel system during starting. When connecting the fuel low-pressure pipeline of the 12-cylinder diesel engine, pay attention to the connection method shown in the figure.

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