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Why The Generator Set Often Flame Out and The Speed is Unstable

Feb. 09, 2022

When the generator set is automatically turned off, the speed gradually decreases, the operation is unstable, and the exhaust gas emits white smoke. This phenomenon indicates that there is water in the diesel oil, the cylinder gasket is washed out, or the automatic decompression is damaged. Measures: Replace the cylinder head gasket and adjust the decompression mechanism.

The reason for the flameout may be that there is no oil, or it may be that the oil pipe is blocked. Oil has water in it. There are too many possibilities. When the engine is turned off, it is necessary to start from the simplest investigation, and to find out the reason, the fault can be eliminated according to the reason.

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There are various reasons for the unstable speed of the generator set and the automatic flameout. Generally, this situation is caused by the failure of some cylinders of the diesel engine to fire. This is generally caused by excessive wear of the oil pump plunger and insufficient or no oil supply. Poor atomization of the head, causing difficulty in igniting. After purchasing a new generator set, users should use good-quality fuel from regular channels to protect the new generator.

Reasons why the generator set engine often stalls:

It may be caused by the blockage of the idle air volume hole, the poor operation of the idle speed device, the weak spark of individual cylinder spark plugs, the poor sealing of individual valves, and the air leakage of the intake manifold. If the fault still cannot be eliminated after the idle speed adjustment, it is necessary to check whether the idle speed jet hole and the idle speed air jet hole are blocked.

If the measuring hole is blocked, you can clean it with gasoline or acetone and blow it through with compressed air. If the measuring hole is not blocked, you need to stabilize the engine speed at a certain speed, and observe the middle and lower parts of the intake manifold or carburetor below. Is there an air leak at the gasket.

The unstable speed of the generator set is generally due to the unstable fuel supply system of the diesel engine, such as the governor; if it is unstable under heavy load, it is recommended to check the diesel circuit for obstruction, such as the diesel filter is blocked, the diesel pipe is deformed, etc.; Instability within a short speed should be a problem with the governor; generally, the diesel engine of the generator set will be unstable at low speed and high load position, which is normal. The sensitivity of the oil supply system at low speed is also poor. There will be instability under large loads.

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