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Why The Generator Set Battery Get Failure?

Dec. 29, 2021

Generator set starter battery failure, the battery is unmaintained for a long time, and the electrolyte of the generator set cannot be replenished in time after volatilization. There is no starter battery charger. The battery power will decrease after a long period of natural discharge, or the charger used requires manual labor on a regular basis. Stop equalizing charge and float charge switching. The battery power cannot meet the requirements due to the neglect of the unstopped switching operation. To deal with this problem, in addition to the configuration of a high-quality charger, necessary inspection and maintenance are necessary.

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As soon as the generator set starts to run, there will be fuel consumption, and the domestic fuel price has soared, which undoubtedly adds a lot of capital costs to the generator set users. Some generator set users have a whim, if we let the generator set run at low speed or lower than the rated speed, will it save fuel, energy and money? The truth is that not only can it not save you fuel consumption, but it will also create a potential failure for the generator set. The too low speed of the generator set will reduce the output power of the unit and its dynamic performance; the too low speed of the generator set will cause the working speed of each component to drop, which will deteriorate the working performance of the components, reduce the output pressure of the oil pump, etc.; reduce the unit's output pressure, etc. The stored power makes the unit that should be working normally be in full load or overload working condition; the speed of the generator set is too low to reduce the speed of the working machinery of the linkage mechanism, which will reduce the mechanical performance of the work, such as reducing the water output of the pump. Reduce the lift of the water pump, etc.

Generators supporting generator sets, especially natural aspiration generators, when used in plateau areas, lose some power due to thin air that cannot extinguish as much fuel as at sea level. The price of generator sets is related to natural aspiration. For the engine, the power loss is about 3% for every 300m increase in normal altitude. Therefore, when working on the plateau, lower power should be used to avoid smoke and excessive fuel consumption. The cooling air of the generator set can move around the desiccant. Therefore, before starting the generator set, clean as much as possible or remove the desiccant. When a fire occurs in the engine room of the generator set, it is necessary to remotely stop the operation of the generator set in an emergency to eliminate the leakage of the electric circuit in the event of a fire in the engine room.

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