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Why The Generating Set Difficulty to Start?

Jan. 25, 2022

Some problems are common in the process of using the generator set, such as difficulty in starting the generator set. In order to let this problem not affect the generator set operation. We will introduce the following reasons for the difficulty of starting the generator set. When the user encounters such a problem, you could eliminate the fault of the generator set according to the above reasons.

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1. The phenomenon that the generator set is difficult to start

Driven by the starter, the speed of the generator set reaches the starting speed, but it cannot be started, usually as follows: there is no explosive sound when starting, no smoke is discharged from the exhaust port, and it cannot be started; when starting, a continuous explosive sound and white smoke can be heard. Or a small amount of black smoke, but can't start. The reasons for the low failure may be the failure of the oil pressure circuit, the failure of the fuel pump, the failure of the fuel supply transmission, the failure of the fuel injection pump and the failure of the fuel injector.

2. Reasons for the difficulty in starting the generator set

(1) The faults of the oil pressure circuit include: there is no oil in the oil tank or the oil level is too low, the suction pipe cannot absorb oil; the oil pipe is broken, the oil pipe joint is loose and oil leakage; the oil supply system has air or the pipeline is blocked, causing the engine to not catch fire; diesel oil If there is water, it freezes in winter, causing the pipeline to be blocked; the diesel fuel used in winter does not match the label, causing the diesel to wax wax, blocking the filter and oil pipe; if it is not cleaned for a long time, the filter element of the diesel filter will not be replaced, which will cause blockage; the fuel injection pump overflows The flow valve spring is broken or cushioned by foreign objects, so that the diesel oil flows from the low-pressure oil circuit back to the diesel tank, so that the low-pressure oil circuit cannot maintain a certain oil pressure and the engine does not catch fire.

(2) Failure of the oil transfer pump: improper assembly of the check valve, or excessive use of the valve seat surface, excessive wear on the valve seat surface; blockage of the filter; Oil; the push rod of the oil pump is biting; the piston of the hand oil pump is not tightly sealed.

(3) Failure of the oil supply drive: the transmission rod of the governor is worn too much, so that the oil supply rack rod cannot reach the position of the starting oil amount and the rated oil supply amount; the oil stop cylinder is stuck at the minimum oil level, which cannot make the engine Fire, or the connecting part of the oil-stopped cylinder falls off; the connecting pin of the joystick is severely worn and cannot be controlled.

(4) Failure of the fuel injection pump: the adjusting gear rod is bitten, or the plunger is stuck due to the broken spring, so that the fuel supply gear rod always stays in the parking position; the plunger is worn too much, or the plunger is stuck in the sleeve; Serious wear of the gears makes the gap between the plunger and the tappet too large, resulting in a decrease in the pump oil volume, resulting in the engine not catching fire; the locking bolts of the oil supply adjustment ring gear are loose or fall off, which changes the oil supply volume of the pump; the oil outlet valve There is dirt cushioning, or the spring of the oil outlet valve is broken and the oil leaks or a valve is issued; the coupling plate of the fuel injection pump is damaged, or the bolt of the coupling is loose, which changes the fuel supply time and causes the engine not to catch fire; the fuel injection pump drives The connection between the shaft and the transmission gear is loose, causing the fuel injection pump to not work; the intermediate timing gear or the transmission gear of the fuel injection pump is broken.

(5) The failure of the injector: the joint of the high-pressure oil pump is loose or the high-pressure oil pipe is broken; the injector is blocked or the needle valve of the injector is stuck due to overheating; the coupler of the injector is seriously worn, and the oil leakage and atomization are not good; The spray pressure of the fuel nozzle changes, the pressure is too low, and it cannot be burned; the fuel nozzle is damaged; the gasket is not sealed and leaks.

When the above-mentioned phenomenon occurs in generator set operation, the user can start from the reason why the generator set cannot be started normally, find out the reason for the group line of the generator set, and then eliminate the fault according to the reason.

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