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Why Does The Volvo Diesel Generator Make A Rattling Sound When Starting

Jul. 20, 2022

Volvo, as an internationally renowned engine brand, is deeply loved by users, and its market share is extremely high at home and abroad, but even the best products cannot guarantee a zero failure rate. Recently, some users have reported to Starlight Power that the Volvo diesel generator they use will make a knocking sound after starting. What is going on? With years of experience, Starlight Power will briefly analyze it for you.


1. If the fuel supply of individual cylinders is too large or the fuel supply time is too early, the fuel injection pump should be removed to debug the fuel supply volume and fuel supply interval angle of the cylinder on the test bench, and the fuel supply volume and fuel supply interval of other cylinders should be checked. angle to be checked.


2. If the fuel injection time is delayed, the sound remains unchanged, indicating that the fuel supply timing is accurate, and the diesel can be replaced before testing. If the noise disappears, it means that the diesel quality is poor.


3. Use the semi-oil cut test, that is, loosen the high-pressure oil pipe joint of the injector, so that part of the oil is sprayed outside, so as to reduce the amount of oil supplied to the cylinder. If the sound and exhaust smoke disappear, it means that the fuel supply to the cylinder is too large.

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4. If the half-cut fuel test is used, the sound will only weaken but not disappear, and the sound must disappear after the oil is completely cut off, which means that the fuel supply time of the cylinder is too early or the atomization quality of the injector is too poor. Pay attention to check the spray of the injector.


5. The fire knocking sound caused by the excessive fuel supply of individual cylinders can also be judged by touching the exhaust manifold of the corresponding cylinder by hand after a cold start. For the heavy load with knocking sound, touch the lower part of the injector and the cylinder head near it with your hand. If you feel that the temperature of the touched cylinder is hotter than other cylinders, it means that the fuel supply of the cylinder is too large. You can also hold the high-pressure oil pipe by hand. If you feel that the pulsation is large, the oil supply of the cylinder is too large.


The reason why the Volvo diesel generator makes a knocking sound is introduced here, and I hope it will help you. No matter what abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the diesel generator set, the user must take it seriously, check the cause of the fault and repair it in time, which will help prolong the service life of the diesel generator set.


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