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Why Do Industrial And Mining Enterprises Love Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 30, 2023

Cummins diesel generator set is selected from Dongfeng Cummins or Chongqing Cummins engines, with high reliability, easy maintenance, long continuous operation time, and ultra-long work, which has won the favor of users in ports, railways, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries. Let's take a look at the introduction of Cummins diesel generator set with the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd..


Technical description of Cummins diesel generator set.

1. Unit electrical index: rated frequency 50HZ (60HZ can be customized), power factor COS Ф= 0.8, rated voltage 400/230V, phase line: three-phase four-wire system.


2. Cummins series products meet the standards of ISO 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1, GB1105, GB/T 2820, CSH 22-2, VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000 Technical Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets for Communication.


3. The generator can select famous brands such as Siemens, Elma, Stanford, Lilisenma and Marathon according to the needs of customers.


Cummins diesel generator set

4. Basic performance characteristics of Cummins generator unit:

(1) Basic design features of Cummins diesel generator set: the cylinder body of Cummins diesel generator set is designed to be durable, with low vibration and noise. Four stroke, smooth operation, high efficiency. Replace the wet cylinder liner, with long service life and convenient maintenance. Two cylinders and one cover, four valves per cylinder, full intake, forced water cooling, low heat radiation, excellent performance.


(2) Cummins diesel generator set fuel system: the patented PT fuel system of Cummins has a unique overspeed protection device. Low-pressure oil pipeline has few pipelines, low failure rate and high reliability. High pressure injection, full combustion. Equipped with fuel supply and return check valve, safe and reliable.


(3) Cummins diesel generator set air intake system: Cummins diesel generator is equipped with dry air filter and air resistance indicator. The exhaust gas turbocharger is used to ensure sufficient air intake and guaranteed performance.


(4) Cummins diesel generator set exhaust system: Cummins diesel generator set uses pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can effectively use exhaust gas energy and give full play to engine performance. The unit is equipped with exhaust elbow and exhaust bellows with a diameter of 127mm for easy connection.


(5) Cooling system of Cummins diesel generator set: the engine of Cummins diesel generator set adopts gear centrifugal water pump for forced water cooling. The design of large flow water channel has good cooling effect and can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise. The unique spin-mounted water filter can prevent rust and corrosion, control acidity and remove impurities.


(6) Cummins diesel generator set lubrication system: variable flow oil pump, with main oil channel signal pipe, can adjust the pump oil volume according to the main oil channel oil pressure, and optimize the amount of oil entering the engine. Low oil pressure (241-345kPa). The above measures can effectively reduce the power loss of pump oil, improve power performance and improve engine economy.


(7) Power output of Cummins diesel generator set: the crankshaft pulley with double-slot power output can be installed in front of the shock absorber. The front end of Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with multi-slot accessory drive pulley, which can be equipped with various front-end power output devices.


The application scope of emergency power supply of Cummins diesel generator set: power for fire protection facilities: fire pump, fire elevator, smoke control facilities, automatic fire alarm system, emergency lighting, electric fire doors, etc. Power for security facilities: anti-theft signal power supply, emergency lighting for accidents, and road lighting. Power supply of large and medium-sized electronic computer system. The central control room and computer management system of senior hotels, important office buildings, commercial and financial buildings, and some power and lighting power of important economic significance.


Starlight Power has advanced testing equipment, modern production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, and strong technical research and development capabilities. It can provide 3KW~2500KW various specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching, low noise and mobile generator sets, high quality and low energy consumption to meet the diverse power needs of customers, and can also meet users with different voltages and different frequencies. It is required to create a parallel power supply system for multiple units. If you are interested in our product or any question on generator, welcome to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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