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Why The Oil Return System of Diesel Generators Oil Volume Increase

Feb. 26, 2022

The oil return system of the diesel generator belongs to the main function of the fuel supply system. It is to ensure that when the piston moves upward to a certain degree before the compression dead center, high-pressure fuel is injected into the combustion chamber qualitatively, quantitatively and regularly, so as to make the diesel engine work.

When the diesel generator is working, the fuel transfer pump draws fuel from the fuel tank, sends it to the fuel filter, and enters the fuel injection pump after filtering.

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In order to ensure the normal fuel injection of the fuel injection pump, the low-pressure fuel supply volume is much larger than the fuel injection volume of the fuel injection pump, and the excess oil needs to be discharged into the fuel tank (or returned to the low-pressure fuel supply circuit). The pressure of the low-pressure oil supply circuit is controlled by a one-way valve, and the excess oil can be returned to the oil tank or the low-pressure oil circuit through the one-way valve for recirculation. The oil return part is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel supply and to drain excess fuel in time.

The oil return of the diesel generator oil return pipe is caused by the unfinished oil of the injector flowing back to the oil return pipe through the gap between the injector needle valve and the needle valve body. Under normal circumstances, the quantity should be very small. If a large amount of oil return is found, it means that the contact surface of the oil passage between the injector and the needle valve body of the injector is not in good contact, so that the diesel generator flows from here to the top of the injector and leaks through the oil return pipeline.

With the increase of working time, the gap between the needle valve in the injector and the needle valve body increases due to wear and tear, and the leakage of diesel oil from the gap also increases. It is required that the pressure regulating spring is not removed first, and then the fuel injector tightening nut is removed, resulting in a loose pressing between the upper end of the needle valve body and the lower section of the injector body. During assembly, the debris on the two planes is not removed, or the tightening nut of the fuel injector is not tightened tightly, so that the tightness of the two tight-fitting sections is damaged. In addition, the surface of the needle valve body is eroded by high-pressure diesel oil containing impurities, which may also increase the oil return.

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