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What Problem can Rust Remover Solve for Tongchai Diesel Generator Set?

May. 05, 2023

Sand blasting is the use of compressed air to spray a certain particle size of sand onto the rusted surface of a component. It not only removes rust quickly, but also prepares for processes such as painting, spraying, and electroplating. The surface after spraying is clean and has a certain roughness, which can improve the adhesion between the cover layer and the parts. Mechanical rust removal can only be used on the surface of unimportant mechanical components.

tongchai diesel generator set

Chemical method is an acid washing method that uses chemical reactions to dissolve the rust products on the metal surface. The principle is that the dissolution of metals by acids and the mechanical action of hydrogen generated in chemical reactions on the rust layer cause the rust layer to fall off. Commonly used acids include citric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. Due to the different materials of metals, the chemicals used to dissolve rust products also vary. The selection of rust removal chemicals and their operating conditions are mainly determined based on factors such as the type of metal, chemical composition, surface condition, part size accuracy, and surface quality.

Electrochemical acid etching method is to place components in an electrolyte and apply direct current to achieve rust removal through chemical reactions. This method is faster than chemical methods and can better preserve the base metal with less acid consumption. It is generally divided into two categories: one is to use the derusted parts as anodes; Another type is to use the derusted parts as the cathode. Anodic rust removal is caused by the dissolution of metal after electrification and the tearing effect of oxygen on the rust layer at the anode, resulting in the separation of the rust layer. Cathodic rust removal is due to the reduction of iron oxide by hydrogen gas generated on the cathode after being electrified, and the tearing effect of hydrogen on the rust layer, which causes the rust to detach from the surface of the part. The main drawback of the above two types of methods is that when the current density is too high, it is prone to excessive corrosion and damage to the surface of the parts, so it is suitable for parts with simple shapes. Although there is no problem of excessive corrosion in the latter, hydrogen easily enters the metal, resulting in hydrogen embrittlement and reducing the plasticity of the parts. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the appropriate rust removal method based on the specific situation of the corroded parts.

In addition, Tongchai diesel generator set can also be used in production practice with a rust removal fluid prepared from a variety of materials to treat oil removal, rust removal and passivation in one. Except for metals such as zinc and magnesium, most metals can be used regardless of size, and methods such as spraying, brushing, and soaking can be used.

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