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What is The Low Pressure Oil System of Diesel Generator?

Dec. 11, 2023

With the continuous improvement of diesel engine performance, the components of related fuel systems are becoming more precise. However, mechanical failures are inevitable, and the highest failure rate is also in the low-pressure oil circuit of the fuel supply system. The low-pressure fuel system components in the fuel supply system mainly include electric fuel transfer pump, fuel pre filter, fuel filter, and fuel tank. The common parts of low-pressure oil circuit blockage include oil pipes, filters, diesel filters, and fuel tank cover ventilation holes. However, in practical work, the entire oil circuit may be blocked, so prevention of "oil circuit blockage" should be taken as a whole.

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The low-pressure fuel system components in the fuel supply system mainly include electric fuel transfer pump, fuel pre filter, fuel filter, and fuel tank. (1) The electric fuel pump is an eccentric rotor variable capacity roller type fuel pump, driven by a permanent magnet DC motor. Its function is to deliver fuel to the high-pressure oil pump, which is installed on the left side of the frame and can be contacted. (2) The fuel pre filter is connected in series between the fuel pipes, similar to a typical paper filter for gasoline engines, and is a disposable component. (3) The fuel filter consists of two main parts: a housing bracket and a filter element. There are fuel temperature sensors, fuel filter blockage sensors, bypass valves, fuel preheaters, etc. installed on the housing bracket. The parameters of fuel temperature changes are transmitted to the ECU for appropriate correction of fuel injection volume. When the output oil pressure is lower than the input oil pressure by 60kPa, there will be a blockage signal to control the bypass valve to open, ensuring normal oil supply. When the fuel temperature is below 5 ° C, the fuel preheater will heat the fuel to the appropriate temperature. (4) The fuel tank adopts the same fuel tank as the mechanical fuel injection engine, consisting of a fuel delivery pipe, fuel tank cap, fuel level sensor, return pipe, etc.

The following three aspects of work should be done to prevent blockages in low-pressure oil systems:

The key to preventing oil circuit failures is to ensure fuel cleanliness and oil circuit sealing, specifically by strictly controlling the selection and filtration of diesel fuel. If diesel needs to undergo 48 hours of sedimentation before refueling; The refueling tool should be kept clean, preferably using a sealed tube for refueling, and be careful not to insert the suction pipe into the bottom of the bucket. The filter of the fuel tank refueling port must be intact, and the fuel tank should be regularly drained; The fuel tank should be filled up when refueling.

2. The oil circuit should be regularly maintained, and the maintenance and cleaning must be thorough, without mixing impurities, and without causing the oil pipe to become concave.

3. Strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of diesel filters, clean or replace the filter element in a timely manner, clean the diesel tank in a timely manner according to the working environment conditions, and completely remove the oil sludge and moisture at the bottom of the tank. In addition, do not use bottles, cotton yarn, or other items to collect oil from the fuel tank to prevent debris, cotton yarn, and other easily clogged items from entering the tank.

Due to the large number of components and complex pipelines, it is difficult to inspect and repair them. For the prevention measures of blockage in the oil pressure system, the above three methods can be referred to.

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