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What is The Combined Brake Circuit of Volvo Diesel Generator?

Jan. 12, 2023

As for what is the principle of the combined brake circuit of Volvo diesel generator, first of all, the state of the circuit when the switch is closed. When the Volvo diesel generator set operates normally and the voltage and frequency of the Volvo diesel generator set are stable, it is necessary to close the switch to supply power to the load. Just press the closing button A1. At this time, operate the motor D, lay the auxiliary contact 6 through the closing button A1 and the normally closed switch to form a circuit, and drive the cam to turn over the lowest point through the motor. Suddenly slide the roller on the lever to release the energy of the energy storage spring and close the switch.

Volvo diesel generator

At this time, the energy storage switch is released and reset, and the yellow light is off. When the switch is closed, its normally closed auxiliary contact 6 is disconnected, and the motor D stops automatically. At the same time, the normally open laying aid 4 is closed, the green indicator light is on, the normally closed laying aid contact 8 is disconnected, and the red light is off, indicating that the switch is closed.

The circuit state when the switch is closed: when the voltage of Volvo diesel generator set is established, the current output by the AC Volvo diesel generator set forms a circuit through the fuse, red indicator light and normally closed auxiliary contact, and the red indicator light lights up, indicating that the voltage of Volvo diesel generator set has been established, when it is not closed. The voltage loss tripping coil is also energized through the circuit formed by fuse RD and section button A2.

At this time, the operating motor forms a loop through the fuse RD, the normally closed contact of the energy storage switch and the normally closed auxiliary contact 6 of the switch. The operating motor D is powered on and rotates. When the cam turns to the lowest point, the roller on the lever presses the energy storage switch to open its normally closed contact and close its normally open contact. Cut off the operating motor circuit, and the motor stops running. At the same time, connect the yellow indicator line. The yellow indicator light lights up, indicating that the energy storage spring has stored energy, The free tripping mechanism is in the "re tripping" position. When the switch is disconnected, the energy storage spring stores energy and the tripping mechanism is in the "plus" position.

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