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What Are The Signs Before The Diesel Generating Set Goes Wrong?

Dec. 24, 2021

Diesel generator sets are using fast cycling, causing heat to rise rapidly and failure in generating points. So what symptoms will appear before the diesel generator set fails? Below, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will lead you to a brief analysis.

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1. Symptoms of valve falling

The valve falling into the cylinder is usually caused by cracks in the valve stem, cracks in the valve seat, and falling of the valve lock clamp. When the part of the cylinder head announces that the knocking sound (piston hitting the valve), clicking conflict sound (piston hitting the valve) or other abnormal sounds, the engine is often unstable. This is often a symptom of the valve cylinder. At this time, It should stop closing immediately, otherwise it will break the piston, cylinder head and liner, or even twist the connecting rod, break the valve body, and break the crankshaft.

2. Symptoms of "speeding car"

Before "speeding", diesel generator sets usually showed blue smoke, fuel burning, or unstable speed. The speed of the diesel engine is not controlled by the throttle until it exceeds the rated speed, and a lot of black smoke or blue smoke occurs. If methods such as oil blocking, gas blocking, and decompression are used insensitively, the engine speed will continue to improve, the engine speed will continue to improve, the exhaust pipe will be full of smoke, and the speed will go out of control, which will lead to major accidents such as compacting cylinders.

3. Symptoms of burning tiles

The speed of the small diesel generator set suddenly drops, the load increases, the engine black smoke, the oil pressure drops, and the crankcase announces "chirp" dry clashes. This is a symptom of burning ceramic tiles. In this case, start the diesel generator set should be shut down immediately, otherwise it will further increase the wear of the bearing, the surface of the journal will be sensitively scratched and expanded, the bearing and journal will soon stick, and the engine will shut down.

4. Symptoms of pounding

Tamping cylinder is a destructive mechanical failure. Except for the tamping cylinder formed by the valve lowering cylinder, most of it is caused by the loosening of connecting rod bolts. After the connecting rod bolt is loosened or stretched, the cooperation gap of the connecting rod bearing increases. At this time, the knocking sound of "tap dance" can be heard in the crankcase, and the knocking sound changes from small to loud. The connecting rod bolts are completely dropped or cracked, and the connecting rod and bearing cover are thrown out, causing the small diesel generator set body and related parts to crack.

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