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What Are The Methods to Troubleshoot Diesel Generator Sets?

Dec. 27, 2021

Diesel generator set realizes power generation mainly by diesel combustion in the diesel engine, which pushes the piston to make reciprocating mechanical motion. The piston drives the crankshaft to rotate at high speed through the connecting rod. The crankshaft then passes the flywheel to transfer the kinetic energy to the rotor of the diesel generator set, so that the rotor cuts the magnetic field wire, generating current.

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Diesel genset is composed of diesel engine, water tank, three-phase AC synchronous generator, plus starter generator, storage battery and battery connection line, control panel, etc. into a whole. Diesel engines are similar to car engines and can be turned on instantly. Generally, it only takes one or two minutes from start-up to power-on. Diesel generator sets usually have low power, simple structure and quick start, and are used in emergency power supply and emergency repairs. Now every building will use diesel generator sets as a backup power source. What are the main faults of diesel generator sets?

1. Improper use. The operator does not use the machine in accordance with the operating procedures, such as frequent low-speed operation, rapid increase of load without warming up, low oil pressure, etc. will accelerate the wear of the unit's accessories, working time is too long, load changes are too large, long-term overload operation, etc. can also cause premature damage to parts.

2. Improper maintenance. When maintaining the machine, failing to complete various tasks in strict accordance with the specified technical requirements. Or the wrong method of operation was adopted, causing human failure, etc. In the usual maintenance, the oil should be replaced in time, the air filter and the scale of the water tank should be cleaned regularly, and the daily maintenance of the machine and one, two, three maintenance, medium repair, overhaul, and level maintenance should be carried out as required.

3. The repair quality is not high. During the repair process, if the processing is improper, the repair technical requirements are not met, such as the matching clearance of various parts, improper public operation, insufficient surface roughness, and unclean cleaning during assembly, etc., will make the machine in use. A failure occurred during. The mutual position accuracy of the parts during the assembly process is also very important. If the requirements are not met, additional stress will be caused, partial wear and other undesirable consequences will be caused, and the failure of machine parts will be accelerated.

Establishing a reasonable maintenance system and strictly implementing the technical maintenance and operating procedures of diesel generator sets are important conditions for ensuring the reliable operation of the generator sets and increasing its service life. In addition, it is reminded that the maintenance personnel need to be regularly trained in many aspects to improve The level of business quality, technical level, and details.

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