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What Are The Main Mechanical Faults of Volvo Diesel Generators?

Sep. 04, 2023

What are the main mechanical faults of the Volvo diesel generator? Firstly, the shaft system of the linkage part of the Volvo diesel generator is not aligned, the centerline does not coincide, and the centering is incorrect. The main reason for this type of malfunction is due to poor alignment and improper installation during the installation process. There is also a situation where the centerline of some linkage parts coincides during cold state, but after running for a period of time, the centerline is damaged due to deformation of the rotor fulcrum, foundation, etc., resulting in vibration.

volvo diesel generator

There is a problem with the gears and couplings connected to the Volvo diesel generator. This type of fault mainly manifests as poor gear engagement, severe tooth wear, poor lubrication of the opposite wheel, misalignment and misalignment of the coupling, incorrect tooth shape and pitch of the toothed coupling, excessive clearance or severe wear, all of which can cause certain vibrations.

Structural defects and installation issues of Volvo diesel generators themselves. This type of fault mainly manifests as elliptical shaft neck, bent shaft, excessive or small clearance between shaft and bearing shell, insufficient stiffness of bearing seat, foundation plate, some part of foundation, and even the entire installation foundation of Volvo diesel generator, loose fixation between Volvo diesel generator and foundation plate, loose foundation bolts, and looseness between bearing seat and foundation plate. Excessive or small clearance between the shaft and bearing pads can not only cause vibration but also cause abnormal lubrication and temperature of the bearing pads.

The load conducted vibration driven by Volvo diesel generators. For example, the vibration of a steam turbine generator, the vibration of a fan or water pump driven by the motor, causes motor vibration.

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