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What Are The Characteristics of High Voltage Generator Sets? 2

Dec. 01, 2022

The number, shape, length or diameter of the slot on the stator embedded in these windings are also made according to the performance requirements of the high-voltage generator set. Normally, the stator is also provided with a ventilation and heat dissipation groove and a temperature sensor to ensure that the temperature rise of the stator during operation meets the design requirements.

genset generator

The voltage between the ends of each stator winding of the high-voltage generator set reaches 10kV. Therefore, the insulation degree between coils, windings and stator grooves is required to be very high, so as to prevent serious phenomena damaging the generator unit such as breakdown, electric leakage and ignition.

Modern high-voltage generator set manufacturers generally use cross-linked polyethylene, special imine film, less glue mica and other insulating materials with high dielectric strength, low dielectric loss and strong temperature change as insulation and filling between coils, windings and trenches. Make the insulation grade of the whole stator and winding reach Grade F.

In addition, current transformers are also installed at the head and end of each phase stator winding to detect the current difference between these two ends. If there is no difference in current, it means that the current value is the same from the incoming winding to the outgoing winding, and the winding has no breakdown or leakage, and the insulation is good.

Otherwise, the incoming and outgoing currents are different, and the current has a difference, indicating that there is leakage or short circuit in the winding. The automatic current difference measurement and control device connected to the current transformer will immediately alarm and command shutdown to ensure the safe operation of the high-voltage generator set.

The neutral line of the generator set is generally ungrounded: 10kV high-voltage generator sets are usually connected to the load feeder line voltage of the triangle connection, and the neutral line is generally ungrounded. However, in order to protect the generator set or meet some special needs, the neutral line needs to be grounded through the resistance cabinet and the contactor cabinet.

This is because the leakage and short circuit of any winding itself or its transmission line will cause the current of the three windings to be unbalanced and generate the neutral current. The resistance cabinet can not only prevent the surge of current, but also provide the real-time voltage data measurement and control device for the detection and control device to study and judge the neutral line voltage and automatically regulate the operation of the high-voltage generator unit outside the damage curve. Although there is neutral line current, it does not exceed the tolerance. Otherwise, the shutdown will be commanded to protect the high-voltage generator set.

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