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What Are The Characteristics of High Voltage Generator Sets? 1

Dec. 01, 2022

With the continuous development of society, as well as the improvement of people's productivity and diversification of production, the application of high-voltage generator sets is also increasing. The high-voltage generator set is named by comparison with the low-voltage generator set with a voltage of 400V. The generator set with a voltage of 6300V-10500V is named as high-voltage generator set.

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High output voltage of high-voltage generator set: According to relevant national standards, the rated output line voltage of high-voltage generator set is actually 10kV. The rated output line voltage of low-voltage generator set is actually 400V. The output voltage of the high-voltage generator set is 25 times higher than that of the low-voltage generator set.

The output current of the unit is small: the power supply capacity of the generator is characterized by its rated capacity SH=1.73UHIH. It defines the rated apparent power SH that can be supplied by the generator with rated power factor of 0.8 when the rated line current IH of rated line voltage UH is fed to the load.

Set the rated apparent power that can be output by the low-voltage generator set as SHO, and the rated apparent power that can be output by the other high-voltage generator set as SHO. Then (high voltage generator set) 1.73UHGIHG=1.73UHDIHD (low voltage generator set).

At this time, the ratio of the line current IHG output by the high-voltage generator set to the line current IHD output by the low-voltage generator set is visible, and the same rated apparent power is output. The line current supplied by the high-voltage generator set is only one quarter of that of the low-voltage generator set. With small current, the loss of electric energy on the transmission line is small, and the cross-sectional area of transmission and distribution cables can be much smaller, which is conducive to long-distance transmission and can also save copper.

High voltage generator set rotor magnetic field strength: by increasing the turns of rotor winding coil and the DC current of input coil (called excitation current), high voltage generator set can obtain rotor magnetic field and magnetic flux several to dozens of times stronger than low voltage generator set.

The excitation current comes from the generator set automatic voltage regulation system composed of free rotating rectifier, brushless excitation generator set and automatic voltage regulator. The system links the rotor magnetic flux with the output voltage U of the voltage generator unit in a negative feedback logic. If U decreases due to load changes, the regulation system makes the medium increase, causing U to rise.

vice versa. It not only provides large excitation current to the rotor winding to generate strong magnetic field and flux, creating conditions for the generator set to output high voltage, but also automatically stabilizes the output voltage of the high-voltage generator set.

The number of turns of the coil inside the stator winding of the generator set is large: the more turns of the coil, the stronger the induced electromotive force generated when the magnetic field cuts it. This is the basic principle of the generator set. The current of high-voltage generator set is small, and the wire used for stator winding coil is much thinner than that of low-voltage generator set.

This provides convenience for increasing the number of turns in the stator winding. According to the design requirements, the turns, wire diameter, size, shape and other parameters of stator winding coils of high-voltage generator units with different rated output power are different. But in general, the turns of coils in each stator winding of high-voltage generator sets are several to ten times more than those of low-voltage generator sets.

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