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Wear on Both Sides of The Generator Set Gear Insert

May. 09, 2023

After a long period of operation, generator sets will experience wear, aging and other faults. Therefore, Starlight has brought a series of fault solutions for everyone. Here is a simple suggestion on how to wear the two sides of the generator set's teeth.

diesel generating set

1. The reversing method of the generator set can cause unidirectional wear on the tooth surface of the gear teeth. If the structure allows, the generator set gear can be shifted or flipped 180 degrees to use its undamaged side.

2. The tower shaped gear of the generator set is manufactured by several gears together, and the degree of damage to each gear of the generator set varies. If individual teeth of the wheels are worn, the generator set can be repaired by replacing the gear ring.

3. For gears with low load and low speed, the gear insertion method can be used to locally update the generator set after individual teeth are removed.

4. The generator set welding method can be used to weld one or more layers of metal on the entire or partial surface of the gear teeth, depending on the damage situation of the generator set gear, if individual or several gear teeth are oiled and worn on the surface or if the wear on both sides of the tooth ends exceeds the limit.

5. The screw tooth making method removes the teeth from the teeth, cleans them thoroughly, uses a vernier to measure the thickness of the tooth root, and flattens and cleans the missing tooth area with a file cutter.

When encountering such a fault, just calm down and find the source of the generator set fault and solve it according to the above method. If it still cannot be solved, it is best to have professional technical personnel repair it, in order to quickly repair the gears and restore the normal operation of the generator set.

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