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Ways to Reduce the Failure of Diesel Generator Fuel Injection System

Nov. 25, 2021

Diesel generators correctly select fuel types and brands according to different brands and different seasons. Keep the container closed during transportation of the diesel generator to prevent the fuel from being mixed with dust or impurities. During storage, it should be properly stored to avoid the infiltration of moisture in the diesel. The fuel precipitation and filtration methods should be kept clean. The fuel system should be kept clean. Always pay attention to the diesel filter. The filter function can replace the filter element in time and wash the filter screen frequently, including the small filter screen of the oil inlet joint of the oil pump. To reduce the failure of the fuel system, the user must do the following specific tasks:

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The diesel generator fuel injection system is the core component of the diesel generator, and the normal operation of the fuel system is to ensure the effective and safe operating load of the diesel generator. The technical status of the diesel generator fuel system will directly affect the power of the diesel generator and the level of fuel consumption, the service life and safety of the diesel generator, except for operating according to relevant requirements and frequent inspection, maintenance, tightening, and cleaning In addition to adding, replacing, and troubleshooting, a very important and critical one is to ensure that the diesel is highly clean.

When the diesel generator is in use, always check the tightness of the screws and nuts of the joints of the oil circuit, and take care not to let air enter the oil circuit system. Generally, air enters from the leaking part. If the leaking is found, attention should be paid to eliminate it. In addition, after the end of the work day, it is best to add enough fuel to the fuel tank. This will help to remove air and prevent the water vapor in the fuel tank from condensing into moisture and infiltrating into the diesel.

Strengthen the maintenance of fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors and fuel delivery pumps. If the fuel injection pump and governor are malfunctioning, they should be shut down in time for inspection and troubleshooting, and no sick work should be allowed. When the fuel system of the diesel generator is faulty, you should look for it from the front and rear fuel lines of the fuel injection pump. After troubleshooting the components of the fuel lines before and after the fuel injection pump, check the fuel injection pump. It is determined that the fault occurred in the fuel injection pump. Perform disassembly. When replacing precision parts, pay special attention to its proper matching to avoid too small or too large gaps. Before installation, it must be cleaned with clean diesel oil. When installing and reinstalling, it must not be stained with any dirt, bumps, or interchangeability, etc., and it must be adjusted and calibrated on a special test instrument.

The performance of the main components of the diesel generator fuel system should be checked frequently. The parts should be replaced in time when they are worn to the limit value. Keep the fuel injection pump, fuel injector and transportation pump in good working condition, and regularly check and adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump.

The maintenance of the combustion chamber cannot be ignored. Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of diesel generators during long-term use should be removed during high-level maintenance or technical inspections to prevent carbon deposits from clogging the injector nozzles. In the use of diesel generators, attention should be paid to prevent the air filter from short-circuiting. If there is a "speeding", emergency measures should be taken to stop. If there is a reverse rotation when starting, take measures to stop immediately. Analyze the cause of the fault and eliminate it.

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