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Ways to Prevent Premature Diesel Deterioration of Volvo Generator Sets

Apr. 18, 2022

As for how to improve the safety of Volvo generator sets and prevent the premature deterioration of diesel oil, it is necessary to know that the deterioration of diesel oil during storage and transportation is mainly oxidative deterioration. Its ability to resist deterioration is called the storage stability of diesel oil. Diesel oil with good storage stability can better keep its color from becoming darker during storage and transportation. The actual colloid changes little, and basically no sediment is generated. Therefore, it is suitable for long-term storage. Generally speaking, straight-run diesel has better storage stability and is not easy to deteriorate during storage, while catalytic diesel has poor storage stability and is easy to deteriorate during storage.

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Prevent diesel hydrolysis: In order to reduce the risk in the short term, you can fill up the fuel tank, which will make the fuel tank full and reduce the risk of hydrolysis. In addition, if it rains, you should check your diesel tank as soon as possible after the rain, to make sure water doesn't build up on it, or the tank doesn't get rusted.

In the long run, you should check the fuel tank at least once a week to ensure that there is no moisture in the tank to ensure that the life of the diesel is as long as possible. Also, you should make sure the tank is thoroughly emptied and cleaned at least every ten years to help the fuel and tank last longer.

Microbial growth affects diesel quality: As mentioned above, diesel can lead to increased microbial growth if water seeps into the diesel. The acids produced by these microorganisms can break down diesel fuel, clog fuel tank filters that restrict the flow of diesel fuel, and corrode fuel tanks and generator engine blocks.

Prevent the growth of microorganisms in diesel fuel: In fact, the method is very simple. First, prevent water vapor from entering the fuel tank, causing the diesel oil to decompose. Second, you can add bactericides to the diesel oil, which can prevent the reproduction and spread of microorganisms to a certain extent, and kill them. Any existing microorganisms, therefore, it is very important to add biocides to diesel.

Preventing diesel oxidation: Another major factor that affects diesel quality is oxidation, as diesel reacts with oxygen as it leaves the refinery and over time degrades the diesel, shortening its useful life. Also, it corrodes diesel fuel and causes deposits to clog filters, and if oxidized diesel is used, it can damage Volvo genset engines, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

How to prevent diesel oxidation? We all know that with current technology, diesel oxidation cannot be completely prevented, but its impact can be reduced. First, you need to keep the temperature of the diesel fuel tank between 6°C-21°C. And avoid direct sunlight, if possible, store it underground, so that the diesel can always be kept cool. Additionally, you can add a fuel stabilization treatment to the diesel to prevent the diesel from breaking down easily.

Deteriorated diesel is easy to block the oil circuit, nozzles, valves, spark plugs and other places, making it difficult to supply oil, and even causing the Volvo generator set to fail to start normally. And it is more likely to cause carbon deposits when burning. In addition, deteriorating diesel will also cause power loss and uneven exhaust. During operation, if you find that the power of the generator set is abnormally insufficient and the exhaust gas is abnormal, you must check the diesel in time.

Generally speaking, the service life of domestic diesel is usually between 6 and 12 months, but diesel can be kept longer by some useful storage methods, and it is crucial to avoid microbial growth, oxidation and hydrolysis. The fuel tank needs to be inspected regularly and a treatment agent added to the fuel to prevent it from breaking down.

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