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Ways to Avoid Bumping of Quiet Generator Parts

Sep. 10, 2021

It is important to know that if one and two mains of the silent generator are interrupted, the DC power of the battery will be inverted into AC power to supply the load when the UPS is connected. Then the silent generators running in parallel redundant operation are also partially started, and switched to directly provide the UPS with the same electrical energy as the mains through the automatic transfer switch (ATS), so that the UPS relies on the AC power to supply the equipment uninterruptedly as usual.

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At this time, the silent generators running in parallel redundant operation not only provide good performance power for the UPS, but also provide highly reliable power. If a super quiet generator has a problem and exits the parallel connection during operation, the other silent generators will carry all loads and remain normal. run. It can be seen that the silent generator running in parallel redundant operation completely replaced the function of two mains power supply.

The oil leakage in the connection part of the high-pressure oil pipe may be caused by the inadequate sealing of the connection sealing cone surface of the high-pressure oil pipe, fuel injector and fuel injection pump, generating a silent generator. Through inspection, the silent generator accessories, after eliminating the oil leakage of the fuel injection pump and the fuel injector, check whether the cold heading cone of the finished high pressure oil pipe meets the requirements of the drawing, and whether there is any error in the curved size. Due to the vibration of the high-pressure oil pipe and the installation stress caused by the bending error of the high-pressure oil pipe, the sealing cone may not be tightly sealed.

In order to ensure the requirements of the sealing cone shape and dimensional accuracy, it is recommended to add a finishing and grinding process to the tapered surface after the high-pressure tubing connection head is cold-headed and before the tubing is bent, so as to ensure the accuracy of the tapered surface size and shape through grinding. Generally, each high-pressure oil pipe must be ground 0.02~0.05mm to form a complete and accurate cone surface, and individual ones must be ground more than 1.0mm. It is also necessary to put on a protective cover for storage after cold heading, which can completely solve the problem of parts bumps.

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