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Water Temperature and Speed of Diesel Generator

Jun. 07, 2023

The water temperature of diesel generator should be slightly lower than the temperature, some lower than the lower limit. They believe that the water temperature is low, cavitation will not occur in the pump of the diesel generator, the cooling water will not be interrupted, and there is a safety factor in the use of the diesel generator. In fact, as long as the water temperature of the diesel generator does not exceed 95 ℃, there will be no corrosion and the cooling water will not be interrupted. On the contrary, if the water temperature is too low, it will cause great harm to the work of diesel generator.

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The combustion cycle of the diesel generator diesel engine is prolonged after ignition, and the diesel generator engine is easy to work rough, which aggravates the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston ring and other components, reduces power and reduces economy. After combustion, water and gas are prone to condensation on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion. The diesel fuel burned by the diesel generator may dilute the engine oil and make the lubrication of the diesel generator worse. Incomplete combustion of fuel forms colloid, which makes the piston ring of diesel generator get stuck in the groove of piston ring, and the valve gets stuck. At the end of compression, the pressure in the cylinder of the diesel generator decreases. Low water temperature, low oil temperature, thick oil, poor fluidity and few oil pumps cause insufficient oil supply for diesel generator, small crankshaft bearing clearance and poor lubrication.

The speed of the diesel generator should be lower. Many operators do not want the diesel engine to work at the working speed. They think that the lower speed will not cause failure. In fact, too low a speed will also bring some adverse consequences. Too low a speed will reduce the output power of the diesel generator diesel engine and reduce its power performance. Too low a speed will cause the working speed of the diesel generator components to decline, resulting in poor performance of the diesel generator engine. Component performance, reducing oil pump output pressure, etc. Reduce the standby power of the diesel generator diesel engine, so that the diesel generator diesel engine is in normal working condition, full load or overload working condition. Low speed will also reduce the speed of the working machinery of the linkage mechanism of the diesel generator, thus reducing the mechanical performance of the working machinery of the diesel generator, such as reducing the output of the water pump and water supply.

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