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Vortex Chamber Combustion Chamber of Diesel Generator

Dec. 05, 2023

The diesel generator vortex chamber combustion chamber consists of a vortex chamber and a main combustion chamber. The vortex chamber is located on the cylinder head, in a spherical or inverted bell shape, accounting for 50% to 80% of the total compressed volume, and has tangential channels connected to the main combustion chamber. During the compression stroke, the air entering the vortex chamber generates strong vortex motion, which promotes the mixing of fuel and air injected into it. After ignition, the mixed material flows into the main combustion chamber, forming a secondary flow and further mixing with the air in the main combustion chamber for combustion.

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Both the swirl chamber and pre chamber combustion chambers of diesel generators use needle type injectors, which have low injection pressure and reliable operation; Due to eddy currents; The indoor eddy current strengthens as the engine speed increases. At high speeds, diesel and air can still mix well, which is beneficial for working at higher speeds. The swirl chamber diesel engine can reach a speed of over 4000r/min, with a soft working process and less harmful components in the exhaust. But its heat dissipation loss and gas flow loss are large, and the afterburning is more severe, so the fuel consumption rate is higher; It is difficult to start a cold car and often requires the installation of a preheating plug.

(1) Structural characteristics

1. The entire combustion chamber is also divided into two parts: a spherical vortex chamber is located inside the cylinder head; Above the piston is the main combustion chamber. The volume of the lubrication chamber accounts for 50% to 80% of the total combustion chamber volume, and it is connected to several tangential large-area channels, which belongs to the spatial coupling method.

2. The fuel injector and glow plug are installed in the swirl chamber.

3. The lower part of the vortex chamber is embedded with heat-resistant steel inserts, with a certain insulation gap with its seat hole, and positioned with screws.

4. The top of the generator piston is generally equipped with a guide groove or diversion pit, which forms a secondary vortex when the airflow in the vortex chamber is sprayed out, which is conducive to secondary combustion.

(2) Characteristics of mixed gas formation

1. Utilize strong directional vortex mixing and combustion.

2. Utilize secondary flow to promote more complete combustion of gas.

3. The atomization quality requirements for fuel injection are not high, and a single hole nozzle that is not easily clogged can be used. The fuel injection pressure is low (1012MPa), the fuel injection pump life is long, and it has good adaptability to fuels with different ignition performance.

4. Suitable for high-speed diesel engines, with a speed of over 4000r/min.

5. The work is smooth and the exhaust quality is good, but the heat loss is large and the economy is poor. It is necessary to use a higher compression ratio (1722) and install a glow plug.

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