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Volvo Generator Set Oscillation is Caused by Unstable Governor

Dec. 23, 2021

Most of the reasons for the instability of the Volvo generator set governor are due to its dirty work. Therefore, clean or carefully filtered working oil should be used during operation. The oil-filled container that takes the oil from the oil tank and fills it into the governor must be completely clean. The oil contaminated by water will quickly deteriorate and generate bubbles to rust the internal parts of the governor.

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Dirty working oil will hinder the movement of Volvo generator set slide valves, pistons and other parts. Impurities and dirt in the oil will also block various oil holes and oil passages and reduce the flow coefficient. The oxidative deterioration of the working oil will rust the moving parts, increase friction and wear, and increase the gap. The above-mentioned problems will sluggish the work of the governor, increase the lag phase angle of the diesel engine's regulating torque, and cause large-scale oscillations of the Volvo generator set.

If the oscillation is caused by the unclear oil in the governor, the governor can be cleaned with diesel or gasoline to eliminate the fault.

The governor should be cleaned twice a year and replaced with new oil, and the clean working oil must be replaced according to the instructions.

If the governor drive mechanism and transmission rods are improperly arranged, the gap is too large, or the wear is too large, the governor will be sluggish in adjustment, slow in action, and slow in response to changes in speed, causing the diesel engine to adjust the torque to lag the phase angle. Increasing increases will also cause larger oscillations.

There are many reasons why Volvo generator sets running in parallel may cause self-excited oscillation due to their connecting mechanism. In addition to the above measures that can be taken on-site to eliminate the above, efforts should be made in design to make the governor and Volvo generator set work well. Pay attention to the following items:

(1) The hinge points of the rod system between the governor and the high-pressure fuel injection pump are the least, so as to reduce the friction and clearance between the hinge points.

(2) The installation of the speed governor should be as close as possible to the flywheel end in order to make the transmission mechanism have greater rotation uniformity.

(3) The natural oscillation frequency of the governor should be higher than the elastic oscillation natural frequency of the Volvo generator set to avoid large-amplitude oscillation caused by resonance. Increasing the natural frequency of the governor can be achieved by increasing the speed of the flying mass, increasing the transmission ratio, or reducing the mass of the flying mass and increasing the rigidity of the elastic coupling of the governor transmission mechanism.

(4) Increase the elastic feedback transmission ratio of the indirect-acting governor.

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