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Volvo Diesel Generator Set Maintenance and Adjustment Methods

Oct. 27, 2021

How would you maintain and adjust Volvo diesel generator sets? Today we will briefly introduce the maintenance and adjustment methods of Volvo diesel generator sets. First of all, for the adjustment of oil pressure, Volvo diesel generator sets generally have two lubrication methods, pressure lubrication and splash lubrication. Too low or too high oil pressure will affect the lubrication quality of Volvo diesel generator sets, so Volvo diesel generator sets are working. Be sure to control the oil pressure within the specified range.

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Secondly, when adjusting the regulator, during the use of Volvo diesel generator sets, faults such as immobilization of the charging current meter pointer, excessive charging current or too small charging current often occur. If the charging current to the battery is too large, the service life of the battery will be shortened; if it is too small, the battery cannot be charged on time. When the Volvo diesel generator set is working, if the charging current displayed by the charging ammeter is too large, the current limiting spring of the regulator should be adjusted to shorten the spring, then the current will decrease, otherwise the current will increase.

Be careful not to apply too much force during the adjustment process, and lightly touch it until it meets the requirements. Regarding the adjustment of the fan belt, the fan belt of Volvo diesel generator set is too tight, which will increase the wear of the direct alternator bearing, water pump bearing, and fan bearing. If the belt is too loose, it will cause insufficient fan air volume, which will affect the cooling effect of the cooling water and generate electricity at the same time. The output voltage of the machine drops and the flow rate of the water pump drops, which fails to meet the requirements for use.

Therefore, the fan belt must be adjusted according to the requirements of use. Finally, the pressure reduction adjustment of Volvo diesel generator sets. During the use of Volvo diesel generator sets, it is often difficult to start due to the influence of weather or insufficient battery power. At this time, the operator can use the method of decompressing the intake valve of the diesel engine to reduce the pressure. Small compression ratio improves starting resistance and starts Volvo diesel generator set.

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