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Volvo Diesel Generator Set Air Compressor FAQ

Mar. 07, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the common problems of Volvo diesel generator set air compressors for you.

The function of the air compressor is to generate compressed air. Except the emergency air compressor is diesel, most of them are electric air compressors, so a generator is required. The air compressor on the ship is to generate compressed air and store it in the air bottle, which is used to start the diesel engine. In the failure of Volvo diesel generator set, the phenomenon of air blockage is relatively common, which brings many unfavorable factors to the normal operation of Volvo diesel generator set, and sometimes may cause serious damage to the engine air compressor. This requires users to deal with it in time when they find that the air system of the Volvo diesel generator set is blocked.

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Early wear of the air compressor piston ring. The piston rings of the air engine used in normal environments can basically guarantee a driving distance of more than 100,000 kilometers. If there is difficulty in pumping within 55,000 kilometers, it can be considered that the piston ring of the air compressor is worn early. The main reason is that the incoming air is not clean. The air entering the air compressor is filtered by the engine air filter. The air filter is improperly used and maintained or the air intake pipe joint of the air compressor is leaking and short-circuiting. The second is that the crankcase of the diesel engine air compressor is not well lubricated by oil, which accelerates the wear and tear. The third is that the air compressor often works for a long time, and the high temperature of the machine can easily cause early wear and tear.

The intake and exhaust valve plates and valve seats have too much carbon deposits, and the closing is not strict, the air compressor cannot work normally, and the air compressor cannot reach the normal air pressure. The main reasons are: 1. The air intake of the air compressor is not clean. 2. The piston ring and the cylinder hole are not well sealed, the air pressure in the crankcase is too high (especially when the engine cylinder liner and piston ring are seriously worn) or the air pump is blocked from inhaling, causing the oil to run up, causing the valve plate to easily deposit carbon and block the air hole Or make the valve plate not close tightly. For non-supercharger air compressors, the intake and exhaust valves of the air compressor are returned by the spring. If the spring becomes soft or the expansion is not flexible, it will also affect the valve plate not closing tightly, resulting in air leakage.

Burning bearing bush: The lubricating oil of the diesel engine air compressor comes from the engine. Therefore, the engine oil quality is poor, the oil pressure is abnormal or the oil passage is not cleaned for a long time, and the sediment is blocked, resulting in insufficient oil from the air compressor, which is the cause of the air compressor. The main reason for burning tiles. In addition to the above reasons, the poor circulation of cooling water (for the supercharger) is also a reason for the air compressor to pull the cylinder.

Oil leakage from the rear end of the air compressor is mainly due to the aging and failure of the rear oil seal of the crankshaft of the air compressor (when the air compressor bearing is loose, the rear oil seal is more likely to leak oil). When using a new air compressor, it is best to apply a small amount of oil to the oil seal.

The exhaust port of the air compressor blows oil. The reason is that the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder hole of the air compressor is too large or the piston ring is broken, the intake air is blocked, the oil entering the air compressor is too large, and the oil in the crankcase splashes too much. , it is easy to cause the oil to run up. Note: If the bearing of the air compressor connected with the fuel injection pump is easily damaged, please pay attention to check whether the coaxiality between the air compressor and the fuel injection pump meets the requirements.

By analyzing the common faults of the engine air compressor, it is known that the blockage of the air circuit system of the Volvo diesel generator set has such a big hazard. When such a phenomenon occurs in the unit, it must be stopped and checked in time to solve the fault of the Volvo diesel generator set and restore the unit. normal job operation.

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