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How to Use The Performance of Diesel Generator Axial Flow Pump?

Aug. 01, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the use of Cummins diesel generator axial flow pump performance.

cummins generator set

When the Cummins diesel generator axial flow pump is in use, sometimes the performance of the pump does not meet the production needs, so it is necessary to adjust the performance of the pump so that it can meet the actual needs. For example, during the dry water season in winter and the flood season in summer, the water level of the inlet pool or the outlet pool has changed, that is, the actual topographic lift height has changed, and the originally determined lift and flow rate are no longer suitable, the efficiency is reduced, and the pump operation is uneconomical. Therefore, if the pump can meet the new requirements and work at higher efficiency, it is necessary to adjust the performance of the pump.

The performance adjustment of axial flow pump is usually adopted:

Variable speed adjustment: We already know that the axial flow pump works at a certain speed, and obtains the corresponding flow, head, power and efficiency. When the speed changes, its performance parameters also change accordingly, so as to achieve the purpose of adjustment. If the axial flow pump is powered by a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, the throttle size can be changed to change the speed; if the axial flow pump is connected with the power machine using a V-belt or a flat belt indirect transmission device, the transmission pulley diameter can be changed to change the speed, replace Either the driving wheel or the driven wheel can be used, the purpose is to change the transmission ratio. The variable speed adjusts the performance of the water pump, which is more economical and has a wide range of applications, and can be used for all agricultural water pumps.

Variable angle adjustment: From the construction point of view, the axial flow pump impeller has a huge hub for easy installation of adjustable angle blades. When the blade installation angle is changed, the lift force of the blade on the water also changes, thus changing the working performance of the pump, which is the variable angle adjustment of the axial flow pump. With the increase and decrease of the blade installation angle, the flow rate, head, and power of the axial flow pump change accordingly, but the highest efficiency point does not change, which is very beneficial to the performance adjustment of the axial flow pump.

According to the impeller structure and the installation angle of Cummins generator blades, the blades are divided into three types:

(1) Fixed blade The blade and the hub are cast as a whole, and the installation angle of the blade has been fixed during design and manufacture, and cannot be adjusted during use. This impeller is mostly used in small pumps.

(2) Half-adjusting blades On the impeller hub, loosen the fixing nut and positioning screw of each blade, adjust the installation angle of the blade to the same level as required, and tighten it. The general blade installation angle is from minus 100-180. Within this range, adjust according to usage requirements.

(3) Loose-blade vanes The vanes are adjusted with the help of a specially designed angle adjustment mechanism, without dismantling the impeller, you can directly manipulate the mechanism to change the vane installation angle, and the adjustment range is from 0 to 260. There are two types of blade angle adjustment mechanisms: mechanical adjustment and hydraulic adjustment. This impeller is mostly used in large axial flow pumps.

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