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Types of Starter Batteries for Diesel Generators

Apr. 20, 2022

As for the types of diesel generator starting batteries, it is necessary to know that the starting batteries of diesel generators are also of various brands and types. It is difficult to list the types of diesel generator starting batteries for a while. In order to increase everyone's understanding of diesel generator starting batteries, the following summary is made:

diesel power generator

Uncharged type: During the storage period of the uncharged starter battery, the pole plate is in an uncharged state, and the battery has no electrolyte. When using, the electrolyte should be added and the battery can be used after initial charging. Ordinary lead-acid batteries are uncharged batteries.

Dry-charged type: its full name is dry-charged lead-acid battery. Its main feature is that the negative plate has a high power storage capacity. In a completely dry state, the obtained power can be stored within a two-year storage period. Dry-type charged lead-acid batteries have been activated when they leave the factory, and only need to be filled with electrolyte of standard density. After 20-30 minutes, they can be fully used to start diesel generators.

Wet charge type: The battery whose pole plate is in a wet state during the storage period and maintains its chargeability is called a wet charge starting battery. The wet charging battery has a slightly different process than the dry charging battery, and the storage time to keep the battery charged is also shorter. During the storage period (about 6 months), the wet-charged battery can be used by filling the electrolyte of standard density to the specified height, and the first discharge can reach 80% of the rated capacity. The wet-charged battery with a storage period of about one year can be discharged immediately after being filled with electrolyte, and 50% of the rated capacity can be released. The rated capacity can be reached by supplementary charging of the wet-charged battery before use. Wet charged batteries are suitable for occasions where long-term storage is not required.

Lean liquid type: This kind of battery is called valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery, and the English mark is VRLA. The electrolyte inside it is all adsorbed on the diaphragm and the electrode plate, and the diaphragm is in a 90% saturated state, there is no free electrolyte inside, it will not cause electrolyte overflow, no need to add a blending electrolyte, and it can be used anywhere. This battery is a maintenance-free battery.

Liquid type: During storage, the battery has electrolyte and is in a state of charge.

Rich liquid type: The rich liquid type is relative to the lean liquid type, that is, there is a large amount of acid water in the battery. Also known as "flooded lead-acid battery".

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