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Troubleshooting Solutions for Volvo Generators

Mar. 03, 2022

In the process of repairing Volvo alternators, we must pay attention to the cleaning method of engine defects. In Volvo alternators, the engine is the primary source of power. If there are defects in the equipment work, the lighter ones will cause damage to the Volvo alternator, and the severe ones will cause serious damage. The occurrence of personal and industrial safety incidents, so we must follow the correct methods and procedures in the process of cleaning up defects. Generally, the order of cleaning the defects should be to first discuss the defects in an orderly manner, and then find the reasons according to the order from simple to complex, and finally clean the defects in a planned way.

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Consider, inquire, and carefully study the flaws before taking action: what warning features appeared before the flaws. Under normal circumstances, before the diesel engine has a defect, its speed, sound, exhaust, water temperature, oil pressure, etc. will show some abnormal traces, that is, the defect symptom characteristics. Operators can quickly make correct judgments based on the characteristics of symptoms, and take decisive measures to prevent accidents. For example, if the valve leaks, the engine will emit black smoke. Crankshaft bearing bushes and journals are worn too much, and the engine will emit a dull "boring" knocking sound. What repairs and maintenance have been done prior to this. Generally, some improper repairs or maintenance will constitute some defects, and the operator can find clues from these repairs or maintenance. Have similar shortcomings ever occurred. Assuming the engine is still running, let it keep running for more checks to see if the equipment is safe.

Start with the simplest and easiest reasons to do: most of the shortcomings are simple and simple cleaning, the operator should check the simplest and most obvious things first, so as to save time, quickly find out the reasons, clean disadvantages, reduce some unnecessary troubles. For example, "lack of power" is generally caused by a loose throttle mechanism and a dirty fuel filter. "Excessive oil consumption" is generally caused by leaking gaskets and oil pipe joints.

Double check and consider before starting the disassembly operation: most engine defects do not originate in a single component, but can be traced back to the relationship between the components. In the process of cleaning defects, there is often a situation where the entire engine is discretized to find the cause of a defect, which destroys all clues to find defects in the process of discretization. So the consideration should be checked again to see if a simple solution has been overlooked. For example, not charging is not only a fault of the governor, but it may also be caused by the fan belt being too loose.

Find out and eliminate the root cause of the defect: After the mechanical failure is corrected, the root cause of the defect should be found out and cleaned up, so as to avoid similar defects in the future. "Injector plunger sticking" can be solved by replacing the failed plunger, but there is always a factor that causes the plunger to stick. This may be due to improper adjustment of the injector, or it may be due to the presence of fuel in the fuel water, etc.

Assuming that you follow the above four processes to diagnose and clean the diesel engine defects in the Volvo generator repair process, you can basically find out the cause of the defect and the cleaning method from the root, preventing messy and clueless situations. In addition, what we should do is to maintain the Volvo generator in the usual way. Good maintenance can extend the service life of the unit and reduce the repair cost.

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