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Troubleshooting of Turbocharger for Diesel Generating Sets

Jul. 25, 2020

Today Starlight Power generator manufacturer mainly talk about troubleshooting of turbocharger for diesel generating sets, hope it is helpful to you.


Whether technical maintenance personnel of generator, or operator, maybe do not know why genset turbocharger is easy to cause fault. The requirements for lubrication, cooling and sealing of turbocharger are relatively high. In order to ensure the service life of the turbocharger, the lubrication and cooling of the floating bearing of the turbocharger should be ensured. At the same time, we should do:


1.The engine should run at idle speed for 3-5 minutes after starting. Do not add load immediately to ensure good lubrication of turbocharger. The main reason is that the turbocharger is located on the top of the engine. If the turbocharger runs at high speed immediately after starting, the oil pressure will not be increased in time to supply oil to the turbocharger, resulting in fuel shortage and damage to the turbocharger, or even burning out the whole turbocharger.


2.The idle time should not be too long, generally no more than 10 minutes. If the idle time is too long, it is easy to cause oil leakage at the compressor end.


3.Do not shut down the engine immediately before parking, but idle for 3-5 minutes to let the speed of turbocharger and temperature of exhaust system lower, and prevent the occurrence of regenerative, oil coking, bearing burning and other faults. Frequent incorrect use will damage the turbocharger.


4.For engines that have not been used for a long time (generally more than 7 days), or engines with new turbochargers, oil should be added into the oil inlet of turbochargers before use, otherwise, the service life of engines will be reduced or the turbochargers will be damaged due to poor lubrication.


5.Check whether there is looseness and air leakage or oil leakage at each connection part regularly, whether the oil return pipe is unobstructed, if any, should be eliminated in time.

6.Let air filter be clean and replace as per requirements.

7.Replace oil filter and fuel filter regularly.

8.Regularly check the radial axial clearance of turbocharger shaft, and the axial clearance shall not be greater than 0.15mm. Radial clearance: the clearance between impeller and pressure shell is not less than 0.10 mm. Otherwise, should repair it.


Why service life of new turbocharger is very short which is replaced the broken one?

The main reason is dirty lubricating oil, impurities in the oil passage and foreign matters in the intake and exhaust pipes. We can do some ways to prevent the problem.

Check whether lubricating oil is clean or not. Because speed of turbocharger is very high, matching precision between bearing is also very high. If oil is not clean, new replaced turbocharger will be easily broken. So it is important to replace oil and fuel filter when replacing new turbocharger. If service life of turbocharger is still short after replacing oil and fuel filter, it indicates there are many impurities in the oil passage, we should clean the oil passage. Here is cleaning way for reference: remove broken turbocharger, drain oil when heating engine. Add specified quantity of mixed oil( 30% oil + 70% diesel fuel).


Plug the oil inlet pipe of turbocharger into the oil return pipe or seal the outlet of oil inlet pipe. Start diesel engine, idle 1~2 minutes, then stop engine, drain the mixed oil( if dirty, it is better to clean twice). Above operation is done when heating engine. Clean or replace the oil inlet pipe of turbocharger, clean the oil pan, and replace the mechanical filter and air filter. Install new turbocharger, and add oil prelubrication to inlet of turbocharger, then install oil pipe, then add enough oil to the filter and install filter. Start engine, idle for 3~5 minutes, then increase speed to check whether there is oil leakage and air leakage.


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