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Troubleshooting of Diesel Generator Oil Cooler

Mar. 31, 2022

Diesel generator is a common power generation equipment, its appearance has brought great convenience to people's life. And with the significant improvement of my country's comprehensive national strength, diesel generators have been widely used. However, in the process of contacting the generator set, it is found that the use of the generator set is not as simple as imagined, and it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of diesel generators, such as oil. The most inseparable thing in engine equipment is engine oil, which can lubricate the engine and reduce wear, assist cooling and cooling, seal and prevent leakage, prevent rust and corrosion, and shock and buffer the engine. It is known as the "blood" of the engine.

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When the diesel generator is working, a part of the weight of the parts must be absorbed by the oil, so that the temperature of the oil increases and the viscosity decreases. When the oil temperature reaches a certain level, the oil will decompose and deteriorate, resulting in poor lubrication. For this reason, more powerful diesel engines are equipped with oil coolers. To keep the oil temperature within the normal range (about 80 ℃) to maintain the viscosity of the oil. Oil cooler, also known as oil radiator, is divided into water-cooled and air-cooled. The function of the oil cooler is to cool the lubricating oil. Therefore, some engines are equipped with oil coolers, whose function is to reduce the temperature of the oil and maintain a certain viscosity of the lubricating oil. The oil cooler works on the same principle as the radiator.

The working principle of the water-cooled oil cooler is: when the diesel engine is started, the temperature of the cooling water rises rapidly, and the temperature of the oil at this time is relatively low, so with the addition of the oil cooling water, the oil temperature rises rapidly, and the viscosity decreases. In order to meet the needs of work, after the diesel engine is turned into normal operation, when the oil temperature is higher than the cooling water temperature, the oil radiator resumes its operation, and the oil is cooled with water to keep the oil temperature in the normal range.

The working principle of the air-cooled oil cooler is: the air-cooled oil cooler is much like a small radiator, and the core of the cooler is composed of many cooling pipes and cooling plates. An air-cooled oil radiator is installed in front of (or behind) the cooling system radiator, and it uses air fanned by a fan for cooling. It is composed of flat copper tube, heat sink, frame, oil inlet pipe and oil outlet pipe. When the diesel engine is working, the oil pumped from the oil pump enters the oil filter through the oil filter. After being cooled by the air, it flows into the main oil passage through the same oil pipe to lubricate the moving parts. Air-cooled oil coolers require a long warm-up time after the engine is started to bring the oil to normal operating temperature.

What happens when the diesel generator oil cooler is broken: If the oil cooler is broken, it will cause serious consequences if it is not replaced in time. The function of the oil cooler is to cool the lubricating oil and keep the oil temperature within the normal working range. The important role of the oil cooler has been introduced earlier. The oil cooler is arranged in the circulating oil circuit of the lubrication system. If the oil cooler is broken, the engine oil will have a continuous high temperature, and the system will also issue an oil temperature that is too high. Alarm, and the lubricating effect of oil cannot be effectively exerted, it will cause increased wear and tear inside the engine, greatly reduce the performance of the engine, shorten the service life of the engine, and even cause damage to the engine in severe cases.

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