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Troubleshooting Of 200kw Cummins Diesel Generator Sets Failing To Start

Sep. 01, 2022

Recently, the large-scale power outages caused by the high temperature and drought in some areas have caused many enterprises to fall into the crisis of production shutdown. If all kinds of aquaculture industries do not prepare emergency diesel generator sets in advance, there will also be a phenomenon of mass deaths of farmed animals, which can be described as heavy losses. What's more, the diesel generator set was equipped early in the morning, but due to the lack of maintenance, the unit failed to start when it was needed, causing huge irreparable losses to the user. In this article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. takes a 200kw Cummins diesel generator set as an example to show you what aspects should be checked when the generator set fails to start.


1. During the operation of the 200kw Cummins diesel generator, whether the positive and negative cables of the starting motor are not firmly connected, and the vibration leads to loose wiring, resulting in poor contact.


The probability of starter motor failure is relatively small, but cannot be ruled out. To judge the action of the starter motor, you can touch the housing of the starter motor as soon as you start the engine. If the starter motor is not moving and the case is cold, the motor is not starting. Or the starting motor is seriously hot, there is an irritating burnt smell, and the motor coil is burned out. It is recommended to replace the motor directly.


2. Check whether the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage of 24V.


When the 200kw Cummins generator is usually in automatic state, its electronic control module ECM monitors and monitors the status of the entire unit. The connection between the EMCP control panels depends on the battery power supply. When the external battery charger fails, the battery cannot be replenished, resulting in a drop in voltage. At this point, the battery must be charged. The charging time depends on the discharge of the battery and the current rating of the charger. In an emergency, it is generally recommended to replace the battery.


diesel generator set

3. Check whether the battery terminals and connecting cables are in poor contact.


If the battery electrolyte is replenished too much in the daily maintenance, it is easy to overflow the battery surface and corrode the terminals, increase the contact resistance, and lead to poor cable connection. In this case, you can sand the corrosion layer of the terminals and cable joints, and then tighten the screws.


4. There is air in the fuel system.


This is a common failure, usually due to air ingress when replacing the fuel filter element improperly. After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, it reduces the fuel content and pressure in the pipeline, causing the engine to fail to start. Exhaust is required at this time.


The failure of the 200kw Cummins diesel generator set to start may often be caused by a variety of reasons. Users can check one by one according to different fault phenomena. In addition, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds you that although the emergency diesel generator set is not used frequently in daily life, the user must maintain regular maintenance, otherwise the failure phenomenon that cannot be started is likely to occur when needed.


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