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Troubleshooting Methods for Volvo Generators

Jul. 11, 2023

Volvo generators can reduce emissions to unprecedented levels and even meet the Euro 7 emission standards expected to be implemented in the next decade. After long-term use, there are many problems. Due to the different models of diesel engines, the structure and usage of domestic and export engines are different, and the causes of the problems are also different. Therefore, when dealing with faults, detailed problems should be analyzed based on specific circumstances. Accurately analyzing and determining the cause of a diesel engine malfunction is a careful operation that involves disassembling the parts before clarifying the problem. This not only fails to solve the problem, but may also result in new malfunctions when reassembling the disassembled parts and components without technical requirements.

Volvo diesel generator

(1) To identify the faulty area based on abnormal sounds, use a screwdriver or a thin iron bar half a meter long with one end sharpened for "listening needle judgment". One end is attached to the ear and the other end touches the surface of each part, which can clearly identify the area where abnormal sounds occur. The size and nature of the sound system are closely related. The retractable sound system in different parts is often different. For example, the sound of excessive clearance in the main bearing is dull, the knocking sound between the valve and piston is pleasant, and if the flywheel keyway cooperates and loosens, it makes a "zz! Zz!" knocking sound, etc. Therefore, based on the difference in sound, the faulty part can be determined.

(2) Using the partial stop method to determine after analyzing the problem, if you suspect that the problem is caused by a certain cylinder, you can terminate the operation of that cylinder and inspect whether the problem situation can disappear, in order to determine the cause and location of the problem. For example, if a Volvo generator diesel engine emits black smoke and is diagnosed with a clogged fuel injector hole in a certain cylinder, the fuel supply to that cylinder can be terminated. If the black smoke is lost, it indicates that the judgment is correct.

(3) Use the Comparative law to judge the fault diagnosis. If you think that the fault may be caused by a certain part or component, you can change the whole machine (or component) into a new one, and then start up and run the diesel engine to see if there is any change in the operation before and after the engine. Volvo generator can find out the cause of the gross fault.

(4) It is difficult to distinguish the cause of the fault by using the exploratory method. If it is difficult to distinguish the cause of the fault at the moment, it is possible to modify the technical status within the limit and observe whether the operating performance of the Volvo generator diesel engine can be affected, in order to identify the cause of the fault.

For example, a Volvo generator, such as a diesel engine, cannot produce the specified power. It is suspected that the compression stroke pressure of a certain cylinder is not sufficient, which is caused by the large gap between the cylinder and the piston being not tightly sealed. At this time, the cylinder head is opened and a small amount of lubricating oil is injected into the cylinder to improve the sealing state. Then, the cylinder head is newly installed, and if the pressure increases and the input voltage increases during the startup test, the annotation and analysis are correct.

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