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Troubleshooting Method of Diesel Generator Set Thermostat

Jul. 06, 2022

Diesel generator set is mainly composed of diesel engine, synchronous alternator, water tank, integrated control panel, supporting electrical control equipment and various auxiliary components, and the thermostat is a very important component in the diesel engine cooling system. The function is to automatically change the amount of water flowing through the radiator of the water tank according to the load of the diesel generator set and the level of the water temperature, so as to ensure that the diesel generator set works at the best temperature. Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will analyze the faults that are prone to occur in the thermostat of diesel generator sets and how to deal with them.

diesel power generator

1. Faults that are prone to occur in the thermostat

In the working process of the diesel generator set, the main fault of the thermostat is that the water outlet valve cannot be opened and closed flexibly. If the outlet valve station is opened too early, the warm-up time of the diesel generator will be prolonged; if the outlet valve is opened too late, the diesel generator set will be overheated. Therefore, after the diesel generator set has been used for a period of time, the thermostat should be removed for technical inspection.

2. Repair method after the thermostat is damaged

After the thermostat is damaged, it should generally be replaced with a new one. In special cases, solder can also be used to repair cracks or cracks. The specific method is: repair the damaged part with solder, then inject alcohol or ethanol with a syringe above the expansion cylinder, then put the thermostat into hot water, and after the alcohol or ethanol expands to discharge the air, then use solder to close the pinhole closed. In order to prevent alcohol or ethanol volatilization, welding repairs should be fast. The thermostat is generally installed at the interface of the water outlet pipe of the cylinder head.

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