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How to Troubleshoot The Generator Set Diesel Engine Oil Burning Failure

Nov. 29, 2021

During the use of the diesel engine of the generator set, many people have encountered the situation of diesel engine burning oil. Everyone generally thinks that burning oil is a serious problem. Engine oil burning can be divided into three situations: engine oil burning in cold engines, engine oil burning during acceleration, and engine oil burning under any circumstances. Among the above three situations, the first two situations are not serious, but the third situation needs to be taken seriously. Here's how to judge whether the oil burning of the diesel engine of the generator set is serious and where the oil burning problem occurs.

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1. The cold machine burns the oil. Generally, the burning of engine oil in a cold engine refers to the situation of burning engine oil at the first start in the morning.

Judgment method: When the diesel engine of the generator set is started for the first time every morning, thick blue smoke will be emitted from the rear exhaust pipe. After a period of time, the blue smoke disappears, and similar situations will generally not happen again that day (if the previous situation occurs for a long time, it may happen that the blue smoke will be emitted when the flame is stopped on the spot for a long time). The same problem occurred the next morning, and no blue smoke was produced in other cases. If this happens, it is a cold engine burning oil.

Reason: Due to the long-term use of the valve oil seal, the valve oil seal is aging and severely worn, and it has been unable to achieve a good sealing effect. When the diesel engine is not running for a long time, the oil will flow into the cylinder through the valve oil seal under the action of gravity. When starting a diesel engine, the oil in the cylinder will burn under the action of high temperature and high pressure to produce a lot of blue smoke. When the diesel engine heats up, the valve oil seal is heated to make the sealing effect better, so the phenomenon of engine oil burning disappears.

2. Burn engine oil when accelerating. Burning oil during acceleration means that when the diesel engine of the generator set accelerates, the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, but after steady operation, the blue smoke disappears.

Judgment method: When the driver slams on the accelerator when the vehicle is running or when the vehicle is running on the accelerator, a large amount of blue smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipe. In severe cases, when the driver slams on the accelerator when the vehicle is running, the driver can Blue smoke was seen in the mirror on the side of the exhaust pipe.

Reason: Because the piston ring on the diesel engine piston of the generator set is not tightly sealed with the cylinder wall, the oil rushes directly from the crankcase to the cylinder during rapid acceleration, causing the oil to burn.

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