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Treatment Method of Diesel Generator Set Oil Leakage in Different Parts

Nov. 16, 2021

Do you know the treatment methods for oil leakage in different parts of diesel generator sets? Add cushion to eliminate leakage. Adding a layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic gaskets on both sides of the anti-leak gasket can prevent oil leakage from the anti-leak gasket of the oil pipe joint of the diesel generator set. The size recovery glue can solve the leakage. When the diesel generator set shaft sleeves, bearings and bearing seats, valves and valves, self-tightening oil seals, packing, etc. leak, the size recovery glue can be applied to the worn parts of the cleaned public parts, after curing can form a wear-resistant and high mechanical strength film layer.

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The method of using glue to control leakage is to cause small leakage from oil tanks, water tanks, oil pipes, water pipes or blisters, pores, etc., and glue can be applied to the clean area. The method to eliminate leakage, when the fuel tank bottom shell, cylinder head, gear cover, crankcase rear cover and other paper gaskets leak, if the paper gasket is clean and the joint surface is clean, you can apply a layer of butter on both sides of the paper gasket , Tighten the bolts to prevent leakage; if you replace the new paper pad, soak the new paper pad for 10 minutes, remove and wipe it, and apply a layer of butter on the surface of the joint.

The method of anaerobic bacteria to deal with leakage, when the ventilation bolts, stud bolts, etc. on the diesel generator set leak, anaerobic glue can be applied to the bolt threads or screw holes that have been cleaned, the film can be cured quickly, and the gap between the parts can be filled This method is more effective in the treatment of thread leakage of high-pressure oil pipe joints of diesel generator sets. The speed of the diesel generator set is unstable, which means that the diesel generator set is running fast at idling speed and slow, but the law is not strong, and there is jitter. When the diesel generator set decelerates, shifts gears or loads, it is easy to shut down. This is caused by Caused by a fault in the governor.

The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows. Firstly, the flying ball is worn out. When idling, the opening of the flying ball is very small, and the spring sliding sleeve extends too far to the flying ball due to the wear of the small rollers of the flying ball, causing it to be different from the flying ball body. Regular direct collisions cause idling instability. At this time, touch the refueling joystick with your hand, it will produce a slight impact. The elasticity of the idle spring is deteriorated or adjusted improperly. When the diesel generator set is running, the speed will decrease with the increase of the load. When the idling spring or the starting spring is softened, the oil supply gear rod cannot quickly move in the direction of increasing oil to increase the speed, so that the diesel generator set is automatically shut down.

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