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Three Kinds of Blockage Faults In Perkins Diesel Generator

Sep. 20, 2019

This article mainly talks about three kinds of blockage faults of Perkins diesel engine generator and troubleshooting methods.


Comparing with Perkins diesel generator and gasoline generator, Perkins diesel generator has not Ignition circuit, which reduces the probability of engine failure by half. Because the reliability of the high pressure pump fuel supply system is higher than that of the carburetor fuel supply system or the gasoline injection fuel supply system of the gasoline engine, the failure rate of the diesel engine is greatly reduced. Common faults affecting the inability of diesel engine to work are mainly the failure of fuel supply system. The fault mainly lies in the interruption of the fuel supply, that is, the blockage of the fuel supply pipeline, mainly the air blockage, water blockage and objects blockage of the fuel supply pipeline, which are collectively called three blockages.


While objects blockage can be divided into foreign body blockage and ice blockage. Ice blockage mainly occurs in the cold season in the north, while foreign body blockage is relatively rare. People call eliminating three blockages the basic operation of eliminating faults. As long as there is no three blockages and the fuel supply is smooth, the diesel engine can work. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the three blockage.

Perkins diesel generator


To judge whether there are three blockages in diesel engine of Perkins generator, the inspection method is to remove all high-pressure fuel pipes from the injection pump. One person plays the starter to drive the diesel engine and the injection pump to run. One person observes the oil discharge situation at the outlet valve of the high-pressure pump, and can easily distinguish the three kinds of blockage situation.


1.If the diesel engine can supply oil normally, while before disassembly, diesel engine operates unstable, it can be judged as water blockage, the main reason is that too much water in diesel oil, so that makes the engine unstable or unable to work.

2.If a lot of bubbles come out, while before disassembly, Perkins diesel engine can not work or unstable work, it can be judged as air blockage, the main reason is that there is air in diesel engine, so that diesel engine can not work.

3.If there is not oil supply, or supply little oil, it can be judged as foreign body blockage. In winter, it can be judged as ice blockage, mainly because foreign bodies or ice blocked the oil intake pipeline, making the engine unstable or unable to work.


Air blockage and elimination method

When the air bubbles from the oil outlet valve, it is judged that there is the air blockage fault in the engine fuel supply system, the starter can be continued to hit until the air in the pipeline is exhausted, indicating that the pipeline is not damaged and the engine can work normally.


If during hitting the starter, there is always air exhausted, indicating that there is a leak in the oil supply pipeline. The method of eliminating air blockage is to find the leak site, seal well to eliminate the leak, and then eliminate the air in the system. If the air in the oil supply pipeline is blocked by evaporation of fuel molecule into fuel vapor due to very hot weather and low air pressure, this is a special case. People call it high temperature air blockage, this is another case.


Foreign body blockage and elimination method

When check out there is no oil or less oil from the oil valve, foreign body blockage can be judged. Check the blockage parts, you can use the method of hand oil pump to continue to check, when pulling the handle of the hand oil pump feel great resistance, can focus on inspection of fuel supply pipeline from fuel tank to hand oil pump, the blockage may be at the inlet of the fuel pipe in the fuel tank, foreign matter in the fuel tank blocked the oil inlet, the blockage part maybe is fuel filter, impurities or colloids in the fuel block the filter

If the resistance is greater when pushing the hand oil pump, can focus on checking the oil supply pipeline from the hand oil pump to the high-pressure pump. The blockage may occur in the fine fuel filter.


The way to check whether the centrifugal oil filter is working properly is to monitor the "buzz" of the diesel engine when its rotor continues to rotate just after shutdown. If the sound is working normally for a long time, if the sound of rotation is not heard, indicating that the fault occurs.

When check ice blockage fault, it must be in Winter, maybe there is water in diesel oil. Common ice blockage fault part is in pipelines and fittings, the situation is more complex, warm pipeline, melting and freezing, if the pipeline is naturally open, it is not necessary to find the exact location of the ice blockage. After removing the foreign matter blockage, the fuel supply system should also be thoroughly cleaned, even the fuel tank should be cleaned. In order to prevent material resistance, attention should be paid to long-term injection of clean fuel oil in fuel tank.


Water blockage and elimination method

When the diesel engine is not stable enough, there is a fire phenomenon, even when the engine stops suddenly during operation, it can be judged that the diesel engine is blocked. Observing the exhaust pipe will find that the exhaust pipe continuously emits white smoke. When the exhaust pipe receives water droplets or drips more, the water blockage fault of the diesel engine can generally be judged.

Water blockage means that there is water in fuel supply system and fuel tank. If can sure water blockage fault, should release water and oil which in bottom, and the engine should be started continuously by the starter to see if the water blockage fault can be eliminated. If it can not be removed, all remaining fuel should be discharged, and the fuel tank and fuel supply system should be thoroughly cleaned, and the fuel filter (core) should be replaced. After that, should pay attention to the addition of clean and anhydrous fuel and the possibility of water entering the fuel system should be excluded. The performance of water blockage is complex, which should be distinguished from the difficult faults of diesel engines such as leakage of combustion chamber. For example, the damage of the cylinder gasket leaks into the combustion chamber, and the moisture is discharged from the exhaust pipe. The diesel engine also works unsteadily.


According to the degree of water leakage and the number of cylinders, the amount of drainage is different, and the working condition of diesel engine is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to apply experience and judge comprehensively according to many factors, such as engine operating time, common working conditions, medium consumption and so on.

Hope the article can help you to solve the leakage faults in Perkins diesel generator set. 

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