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What is The Wrong Way to Start The Diesel Generator Set?

Dec. 22, 2021

Do you know what is the wrong way to start a diesel generator set? Actually, many people don't use the generator in life, which caused a lot of people to use the engine due to improper use and malfunction. Then the wrong way to start the diesel generator set What is it? Start without water or start suddenly with boiling water, causing fracture or deformation. However, if boiling water of about 100°C is added to the cold body before starting, the cylinder head, car body and cylinder liner will also be broken. It is recommended to lower the water temperature to 60-70°c. Step on the accelerator and start, do not add the accelerator when starting the generator. But many people quickly started to make diesel generator sets, before the start of the diesel generator set or when the fierce fueling door was activated.

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Here, waste engine oil and diesel will wash out the cylinder wall, piston rings and cylinder liners deteriorate and aggravate the wear of the piston lubrication; the remaining oil, the formation of excessive cylinder diesel soot can not be completely burned; the dilution of the storage tank and the lubrication weaken the diesel generator set The oil inside, after starting the diesel engine throttle, the speed can be increased rapidly, causing great damage to moving components. The trailer is started by forced refrigeration and ignited at the intake pipe. If the intake pipe is used to start the diesel generator and the debris caused by ignition and combustion is sucked into the cylinder, it is easy to cause the intake and exhaust valves to close and the pressure of the cylinder. The electric plug or flame preheater is used for a long time. The heating body of the electric plug or flame preheater is a wire, which consumes a lot of electricity and generates a lot of heat.

Long-term use will damage the battery due to a large amount of short-term discharge, and may burn the electric wire. Huali Electromechanical recommends: The electric plug should not be used for more than 1 minute at a time, and the continuous use time of the flame preheater should be controlled within 30 seconds each time. Add the oil directly to the cylinder and add the cylinder. Although warming may play a role in sealing and pressurizing, when the generator promotes cold start, the oil is not all combustibles and carbon deposits, thereby reducing the tension of the piston ring and sealing the cylinder. The role of performance. The intake pipe directly injects gasoline, which burns lower than diesel, and burns first. Pour gasoline directly into the intake pipe to make the diesel generator work vigorously and produce a strong knock. In severe cases, the diesel generator set can also be reversed.

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