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The Use of Electronic Speed Controllers for Diesel Generator Sets

Jan. 17, 2024

The electronic governor of diesel generator set is an electronic control system of controllable silicon voltage regulation circuit, which controls the output voltage by changing the conduction angle of the controllable silicon.

The electronic governor of diesel generator sets generally relies on a battery to provide 24V (or 12V) DC power. Therefore, when the battery voltage is below normal, the governor control board will stop working.

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1. Electromagnetic sensors are speed sensing components of electronic speed controllers (EFC). Once the speed signal is lost or abnormal, the EFC will also stop the speed control function and cause the diesel engine to stop running. Therefore, the electromagnetic sensor must be installed and maintained correctly, and the distance between the top of the sensor and the top of the tooth on the ring gear must be ensured to be 0.4-1.1mm. The installation method is to first screw the electromagnetic sensor until it comes into contact with the flywheel ring gear (do not use excessive force during operation), and then screw the electromagnetic sensor out by 1/2-3/4 turns.

2. When starting the diesel generator, if the signal voltage of the electromagnetic sensor is less than AC 1.5V, the top of the sensor should be checked for cleanliness or can be adjusted by screwing in the sensor 1/8-1/4 turn until it meets the requirements.

3. The only mechanical component in electronic speed controllers is the actuator. Due to the continuous changes in load during use, the steel transmission shaft of the actuator will continuously rotate to adapt to the changes in load, thereby changing the stable frequency of fuel supply. However, due to long-term sharp rotation, the aluminum outer sleeve of the actuator will also experience varying degrees of mechanical wear, which causes leakage from the oil pump to the diesel engine during fuel supply. As the temperature of the diesel engine increases, the leakage of the actuator will also increase. If the voltage of the EFC actuator changes, it cannot accurately control the amount of diesel supplied by the actuator to the diesel engine, causing excessive fuel supply and causing the diesel engine to lose control, leading to overspeed operation. If the wear of the actuator reaches its limit, causing the leakage to exceed the rated speed supply of the diesel engine, the diesel engine will immediately activate the overspeed protection device and stop after starting.

4. Due to the installation of the actuator inside the fuel injection pump, the power of the driving motor is limited by space. When the diesel used is not clean or improperly maintained, debris and small particles can enter the fuel system of the diesel engine and enter the actuator, which will jam the actuator and hinder its normal rotation.

If the actuator is stuck at the minimum opening position, the diesel engine can only maintain idle operation without high speed, and sometimes it may be difficult to start or even unable to start due to insufficient fuel supply.

If the actuator gets stuck in the high idle and no-load position of the diesel engine, the diesel generator will continue to operate at high idle speed. When the load increases during operation and the actuator cannot provide the corresponding diesel supply, the diesel engine speed will immediately decrease until it stops. If the actuator is stuck at the maximum opening position and the diesel supply exceeds the rated speed supply of the diesel engine, the diesel engine will immediately reach high speed after starting to activate the overspeed protection device.

5. During use, diesel must be kept clean. If pollutants enter the fuel system, it can also exacerbate the wear or jamming of the actuator sleeve, leading to actuator failure.

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