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The Solution to The Oil Injection of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

May. 05, 2022

When oil is sprayed from the Volvo diesel generator set, it means that the oil has not been completely burned. When this phenomenon occurs, you must first judge whether the spray is diesel (the diesel is very similar to oil after high temperature) or oil, or water (water is much like oil in this case).

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At this time, you should check whether the oil is less. If the oil is decreasing, you should check whether the lower exhaust is large. If the lower exhaust is likely to be a cylinder liner, or there is a problem with the piston ring, if there is no lower exhaust you have a supercharger on your diesel engine. Check to see if the supercharger clearance is too large.

If there is no problem with the Volvo diesel generator set supercharger, it may be that the valve oil seal is aging. There is not much oil, then you should cut off the cylinder to see if the rotation of each cylinder is the same, and the injector of the cylinder with less rotation has a problem. If it is water, it is usually a crack or trachoma in the cylinder head. There may also be a crack in the cylinder liner.

So what should I do if the Volvo diesel generator set is spraying oil? In fact, it is very easy to solve it. First, loosen the two fixing bolts of the high-pressure oil pump coupling of the Volvo diesel generator set, insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the flywheel of the diesel engine, and pry the flywheel in the opposite direction of the rotation direction of the diesel engine to make the inspection window of the flywheel shell open. Align the pointer with the 28-degree timing line on the flywheel, and then fix the two bolts on the coupling.

After installing the high-pressure fuel pipe of the first cylinder, start the diesel engine. At this time, it is observed that the exhaust color has improved to a certain extent, but the appearance of the exhaust pipe spraying fuel to the outside has not disappeared, which means that it has been cured.

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