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The Solution to The damage of Volvo Generator Flywheel

Mar. 25, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the cause analysis and solution of the damage to the flywheel of the Volvo generator.

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The flywheel is made of cast iron and is mounted on the rear end of the diesel crankshaft. The flywheel is a kind of kinetic energy storage, which can stabilize the speed by adjusting the speed change of the crankshaft. A ring gear and a scale are installed on the flywheel of the multi-effect diesel engine. The ring gear is installed for the starter to start the diesel engine. The scale on the flywheel and the pointer on the periphery of the diesel engine body are designed to determine and adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine.

The primary source of damage to the flywheel: the teeth on the ring gear of the flywheel are easily damaged or severely worn during long-term use. Shock or misalignment can occur, causing wear and damage to the ring gear.

Inspection method: When the diesel engine is started, if the starter gear and the flywheel ring gear cannot be meshed and there is a crash sound, first determine whether the distance between the starter pinion and the flywheel ring gear is appropriate. When the distance cannot be determined, a flat-blade screwdriver can be used to adjust the adjustment screw under the electromagnetic switch of the starter. If the fault cannot be eliminated after adjustment, check whether the voltage and capacity of the battery meet the starting requirements. When the two items meet the technical requirements and the diesel engine still cannot be started, use a Yining screwdriver to rotate the flywheel to check whether the flywheel tooth group is damaged.

Repair method: Under normal circumstances, the flywheel ring gear can be turned over and continued to be used. When more than three teeth are damaged or both sides of the ring gear are seriously worn, it can be repaired by surfacing or replaced with new products of the same type.

The valve train, the intake and exhaust system, and the valve train are the control mechanisms for the intake and exhaust of the diesel engine. According to the working order of each cylinder of the diesel engine, it controls the opening and closing of the intake valve and exhaust valve to ensure that enough fresh air enters the cylinder within a specified time, and the burned exhaust gas is removed from the cylinder as thoroughly as possible. Row the mountains.

The lubrication conditions of the moving parts of the valve train are very poor, and the parts are easily worn during use. When the wear increases, the working conditions of the valve train will be changed, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, an increase in fuel consumption and other failures. The purpose of the valve train repair is to restore the original mechanical properties of the various parts of the valve train, to ensure that the valves are opened and closed on time, the operation is stable and no noise, and the Volvo generator diesel engine has high power output and low fuel consumption.

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