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The Solutions of Volvo Diesel Generator Oil Increased

Jun. 16, 2022

Today, we will briefly analyze the problem of how to deal with the increase of Volvo diesel generator oil.

Everyone who purchases Volvo diesel generators will encounter different degrees of failures for later use, such as the engine cannot be started, the engine is difficult to start, the power is insufficient, and the Volvo diesel generator oil increases and so on.

Volvo diesel generator

The oil level in the diesel engine rises, you can smell the diesel oil when you pull out the dipstick, and the viscosity of the oil is diluted by visual inspection. It can basically be judged that the diesel oil has been strung into the oil. If the oil is diluted, the anti-wear and lubricity will inevitably decrease. If the cause is not found in time, the engine wear will increase. Because Volvo diesel generators are basically used in construction machinery and need to bear a large load, the dilution of the oil will cause the engine to wear. Damage, such as bearing bush wear, four-part wear, turbocharger damage, etc.

Volvo diesel generator oil has diesel components, first consider the injector. Diesel engines are direct injection, the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder. If the nozzle atomization is not good, the spray is not misty, such as a water gun, then the fuel will not burn completely. Some of the fuel flows directly into the crankcase. It can be preliminarily judged by whether the power of the engine exhaust smoke has dropped. You can also cut the cylinder at idle speed to find out whether a nozzle is not working properly. If the nozzle is found to be faulty, it can be removed and repaired at the place where the pump is tested.

Secondly, the diesel pump should be considered. The lubrication part of the diesel pump is connected with the engine lubrication system. That is to say, the oil in the diesel pump and the oil in the top crankcase are circulating. When the plunger in the diesel pump is depressurized, part of the diesel will leak out of the plunger. Usually the plunger will be worn to a certain extent during use. If it is not repaired in time, oil leakage will occur, and the leaked diesel will flow into the oil of the high-pressure pump. After the oil is circulated to the crankcase, the crankcase The oil will gradually increase. As the wear of the plunger increases, the leakage of diesel will also increase. As a result, the engine oil level increases significantly.

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