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The solution of 500kw Diesel Generator Set Oil and Water Leakage

Mar. 22, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the problem of oil leakage and water leakage solutions for 500kw diesel generator sets.

The oil leakage of the diesel generator set may be oil leakage from the oil pan gasket. The reason may be that the quality of the purchased or self-made paper pads does not meet the requirements, such as insufficient thickness, improper storage, wrinkle deformation, or careless cleaning during assembly, and dust and impurities, which are all causes of oil leakage.

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The solution to the oil leakage of the oil pan gasket of the diesel generator set is to replace the gasket. How to replace the oil pan gasket is as follows. Use a socket wrench or a Torx wrench to remove all the fixing screws of the oil pan diagonally. After removing, wipe the oil pan and crankcase and the parts in contact with the gaskets, then apply sealant, and assemble the gaskets neatly. During the assembly process, the screws should be tightened diagonally, and it is not necessary to tighten one screw before tightening the second one. After all the screws are screwed in, then gradually tighten all the screws according to the technical requirements. If managers do not understand, they can ask professional diesel generator maintenance personnel to operate and replace.

The oil pressure is too high, which also causes oil leakage from the static interface. Diesel oil leakage from each interface of diesel generator set fuel pump and diesel filter is generally caused by gasket damage or loose oil return screw. Tighten it to the specified torque. If oil leaks due to gasket damage, it should generally be replaced with a new gasket.

The leakage of the 500KW diesel generator set may be due to the leakage of the fresh water pump, water radiator and water pipe; the following is the specific solution to the leakage of each component.

Leakage of fresh water pump: If the monitoring hole of the fresh water pump also leaks, the fresh water pump should be removed from the body and disassembled, and then the water seal should be replaced. When the drain valve installed on the fresh water pump leaks due to the damaged spring, it can be replaced with a new spring or a new drain valve. Maintenance personnel should apply grease to the spring of the drain valve to prevent the spring from rusting.

Leakage of water radiator: After the repair method of the upper and lower water chambers of the radiator detects the leaking part of the radiator, clean the leaking part, and then use a metal brush or scraper to completely remove the metal paint and rust, and then repair it with solder. If there is a large area of water leakage at the fixing screws of the upper and lower water chambers, the upper and lower water chambers can be removed, and then two water chambers of appropriate size can be remade. Before assembling the upper and lower water chambers, apply adhesive or sealant on the top and bottom of the gasket, and then fix it with screws.

Repair method of radiator water pipe When it is found that the damaged area of the outer water pipe of the radiator is small during the inspection process, it can be repaired by soldering. If the damaged part is large, use needle-nose pliers to clamp the two ends of the damaged tube to make it watertight. However, the number of blocked water pipes should not be too much, otherwise the heat dissipation effect of the radiator will be affected. If the internal water pipe of the radiator is damaged, replace or repair the internal water pipe of the radiator after removing the upper and lower water chambers.

Water pipe leakage: When the water pipe leaks due to aging, it should be replaced with a new pipe. It can also be wrapped with waterproof tape. If there is water leakage due to the rust of the clip, you can replace the clip or wrap it with iron wire.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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