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The Root Cause of Cylinder Pulling of Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 01, 2023

The so-called "cylinder pulling" refers to that the inner wall of the cylinder is pulled into a deep groove, and the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall lose sealing when friction, resulting in the reduction of cylinder compression pressure and loss of power. In fact, the main reason for the cylinder pulling of diesel generator set is that the surface of piston, piston ring and cylinder liner is "fused" due to high temperature. That is, the dry friction between the piston and the cylinder liner will not occur due to the interruption of the oil film. The hot friction heat will cause the micro-melting and adhesion of the metal, and tear the metal particles nearby.

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The most fundamental cause of cylinder pulling of diesel generator set is oil film interruption. According to the requirements of gas sealing, the clearance between piston rings and cylinder liners should be as small as possible, which makes their lubrication conditions very unfavorable. The friction between cylinder liner and piston ring depends on the elasticity of piston ring, working temperature, sliding speed, oil film distribution, part quality and running-in. When the contact surface is overloaded, the cylinder liner surface and the working surface of the piston ring are subject to severe friction due to direct contact, resulting in a large amount of friction heat and a sharp rise in the temperature of the working surface. The result is that the two friction surfaces are fused and adhered, causing strain.

It can be seen that poor oil supply, serious blow-by and excessive contact stress of parts damage the oil film are the main reasons for the cylinder pulling of diesel generator set. In addition to lubrication, fit clearance and parts manufacturing quality, improper use may also cause cylinder pulling, specifically as follows:

1. The fitting clearance between the piston and cylinder sleeve of the diesel generator set is too small, or the diesel generator set has not undergone good running-in before being officially loaded.

2. Poor lubrication, such as small clearance, thin oil or no oil during assembly.

3. The diesel engine overheats.

4. The engine body is not clean or the piston is installed too tightly during assembly.

5. The quality of piston and piston ring is poor.

To sum up, the interruption and improper use of the oil film will cause the cylinder pulling of the diesel generator set, so when you encounter this problem, you can eliminate it according to the above.

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