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The Reason Why Diesel Generator Oil is Burned

Jul. 06, 2022

When the diesel generator is running normally, the consumption of oil is not much, but with the increase of use time and the operation of the equipment for a long time, the oil consumption will increase. Excessive oil consumption will not only waste energy, increase environmental pollution, but also cause diesel generators to have mechanical accidents due to lack of oil. The following Starlight Power Generation Equipment will explain to you the reasons for the burning of diesel generator oil.

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1. Too much oil added

(1) When the machine is placed unevenly, the front is low and the rear is high, most of the oil in the oil pan flows to the front. However, the oil level measured by the dipstick on the rear cover is very low. If you add oil at this time, the oil level will be too high.

(2) It is easy to add too much oil when the flame is turned off, because the oil adhering to the surface of each part has not flowed back to the oil pan when the flame is turned off. At this time, the oil level indicated on the oil dipstick is very low. At this time, add oil to the mark on the oil dipstick. In fact, there is more oil, so after each shift, wait for a while before checking the oil.

2. Water leaks into the oil pan, causing the oil level to be too high

(1) Cooling water is suddenly added after the diesel generator is running short of water, causing cracks in the cylinder head; or cracks in the body, it is possible for the cooling water to enter the oil pan.

(2) The water sealing ring of the cylinder liner is damaged and cannot seal the cooling water; or the water sealing ring of the cylinder is installed incorrectly, twisting, trimming, or even breaking, which will cause the cooling water to enter the oil pan.

(3) The tightening torque of the cylinder head screws or nuts is inconsistent, or other reasons cause the cylinder head gasket to be damaged, which destroys the water seal, causing the water channel to communicate with the cylinder, and the cooling water leaks into the cylinder and along the cylinder wall. oil pan. If the cooling water leaks into the oil pan, you can check the water level of the water tank. If the water level drops significantly, it means that the cooling water is leaking. After stopping for 30-60 minutes, loosen the oil drain plug of the oil pan. If sedimentary water flows out, it indicates that there is water leakage. into the oil; or the outflowing oil has emulsification phenomenon, it can be concluded that there is water in the oil.

3. Diesel leaks into the oil pan

Diesel oil leaks into the oil pan to raise the oil level of the oil, which not only dilutes the oil and accelerates the wear of parts, but also causes burning and draining of the oil. Diesel oil leaks. First, because the sealing gasket of the plunger sleeve positioning screw of the fuel pump is missing or wrongly installed as a spring washer, the fuel injection pump leaks oil and flows into the oil pan through the gear chamber; second, the engine is difficult to When the ignition starts, because the diesel fuel injected by the injector is not completely burned, the diesel fuel flows into the oil pan along the cylinder wall.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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